Tuesday, September 4, 2007

WIP number 2

I recently bought a coffee table. For a long time we didn't have one as our lounge is rather small and when the boys were playing there was hardly any room.

As soon as I put it in the lounge I realised I needed a runner for it. I've been debating what to make (yes make - as I'm no longer satisfied with buying these sorts of things) and I've been toying with the idea of putting these crocheted flowers ...............

on to a blue linen runner. Kind of like a field of daisies - or given the blue fabric, a sea of daisies!

I'm finding it hard making the flowers as I'm not the delicate sort and these are delicate flowers. I'm trying to be patient!!! It is nice using the cotton as the weather has been a little warmer and my enthusiasm for knitting with wool is waning. Lets hope my enthusiasm is still great when I've made 20 or 30 of these.


monique said...

A blue linnen table runner with these lovely crocheted flowers sounds lovely!I think it will look beautiful on your table.
The flowers you made so far look great!
Have a lovely day.

de vliegende koe said...

Great Idea for a table runner and with Spring in the air yoy will crochet more than 20/30!

corry said...

I like your table with the open spaces for magazines and baskets! Good idea to make the table runner yourself. And I'm sure your crocheted flowers are going to be beautiful on a blue linen runner!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blog land! (Emily) your monkey looks adorable. xoxo Carly