Friday, September 10, 2010

Someone's trash = our new treasures

Yesterday I was running late for the hairdressers but as I walked up the street I saw some old cane chairs out on someone's verge. 
I went through this whole dilemma of being late and thinking 'should I tell David about them'? 'Will they still be there when they get back'. 'Are they worth it'? I tried to ring David, who was home, but my mobile didn't have any reception which was completely frustrating as I was close enough to yell and he probably would have heard me, but I guess I didn't want to look silly. So, I ran back home and suggested he have a look to see if they were worth taking. Fortunately, after all that hassle they were. 
So here are our new garden chairs on a beautiful spring day in a beautiful spring garden.

I love the fact that our washing was dry and put away all before the sun went down!

All those delays meant I had to power walk to the hairdresser, but heck, it was all worth it!
 Isn't spring just beautiful!

Winter warmth

It's been a particularly cold and wet winter this year. Normally we get lots of fine days with blue skies, but not this year. So it was heavenly to have a little moment of winter warmth before the next lot of rain came out way and what better way to soak up the sun....
The three of us sat in the sun and read, whilst David kept an eye on the chooks who were happily scratching down the back. 
Here's to more sunny days