Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the weekend

Once again, we had a busy weekend. Being part of a large families means lots of birthday celebrations (we had two parties this weekend). I had one of those annoying colds where you are not sick enough to go to bed but not well enough to be enthused by anything. I managed to get a moment to do some more quilting. Whilst I was behind the machine, this was happening around me.

My sister, Dineke, came to visit and worked on some handquilting.

Louis sat with us and made paper people.

There's nothing nicer than having company whilst you sew :)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So what have you been doing lately.

Well the answer to that question would be.......Quilting!
This is the strippy twist quilt that I started ages ago which was supposed to be my summer quilt for our bed. Well, summer has passed for now (although we are in for another warm spell) and it's still not finished. Admittedly I never mentioned which summer it was for......
It's a big job and I try really hard to do a little bit at a time. I've nearly finished stitching in the ditch (and over the ditch - lol) of all the big squares and then I plan to quilt a small square inside.
And as this is such a huge job which I like to avoid where possible I've taken to making more of these:-
I give you the pot holder! The simple easy project that takes very little time and stamina.
This time I tried out free motion quilting which was super fun. .
There were a few incidents where my stitching went a little astray but overall it's not too bad
And yes, I've been using all my new pot holders - cause somewhere in the back of my mind I know there's an awful lot of fabric in my stash to make hundreds of potholders......

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Rainbow

I saw this over at Chookyblue and thought I would give it a go.

Your rainbow is strongly shaded white and blue.

What is says about you: You are a contemplative person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

It's weird, but I think it's me.

Pop over and have fun

Friday, March 6, 2009

I think she's got it!

I'm not the sort of crafter who brims with confidence and just tries things out. Usually I need a pattern, some moral support and and expert on hand. BUT, yesterday when I pulled this off the washing line I realised something had to be done.....

Now that's a pretty disgusting, 16 year old pot holder. I think no one would argue with me when I say it's time for the bin. So, armed with an ample stash, lots and lots of wadding off cuts from quilts that I've made and a lovely quilting machine, I decided it was time to make my own and try out my quilting bar.
This is the result and I'm very happy with it. The quilting bar is fantastic - I almost managed to get perfectly straight, equally apart lines (does this make sense??).
And I love the fabrics - so fresh and funky. I sewed them up yesterday afternoon and finished handstitching the binding last night. I think I might become a fan of the quick project :)

Of course you all realise that these are way too beautiful to actually use.......

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A wonderland in No man's land

I've had a strong desire to make my own relish for some time now. This seems to be the year that I get myself organised to do all these things that I've been putting off for years. I'm often beaten by my 'it's too hard' mentality and I'm sick of it :)
So, this morning we headed off early (ok it was just after 9.00am) to the Torrens Island Market. It's an amazing place - it almost seems like it's been plonked in the middle of nowhere. I'm pretty sure that at the end of the day there is very little evidence of it but when we turned up it was a hive of activity.
We got some bargains, and I scored a box of tomatoes for $10 - there must be at least 10kilos there. That's going to make an awful lot of relish.

Jani and the boys at the stalls.

The markets are right near the sea - making it a lovely spot to just sit and watch.

So, tonight once we get home from a birthday party, I will have to skin that 10kilo of tomatoes and tomorrow I will relish the experience of making my own relish!
So, if you live in Adelaide and you love a fruit and veg (and fresh fish) bargain - head on down. They are on every Sunday from 6.00am until 1.00pm.