Monday, September 24, 2007

Blog Loving

I was very excited to read on Plain Jane Creations blog that she loved my blog! It's been fun to do, and I've really enjoyed all the new friendships I have made all around the world (actually mainly from Australia and Holland but hopefully other countries soon). I think it's so nice to find people out there with similar interests who are all willing to share tips, ideas and inspiration. The crafting community seems to have gone global which is good as there doesn't seem to be much happening in my local community. So I for one, am very happy to have found out about the world of bloggers.

So, who inspires me most?

One of the first blogs I discovered was KissKus . I enjoy reading not only about her crafting but also about her life in Holland and her family.

I also really like devliegendekoe as she has not only been a source of inspiration, but she has been very friendly and welcoming into the blogging world as have Dutch Blue and Thyme and Lavender.

Here in Australia I love Moopy and Me - not only because Carly is fabulously talented and produces great stuff, but also because she taught Emily how to make her first softie. So, we definately have a soft spot for her! I also love hazyjane - we have had a little contact since I discovered her blog but I feel like we are on the same wave length - it's just a pity she lives in a different state! It would be nice to catch up over a coffee. I also love FreeFalling - for her honesty and strength.

I love lots of different blogs, too many to list, but for now these are the ones who have a big impact on my blogging life. Naturally, Plain Jane Creations is on my list too - I've only just found her but I am enjoying her blog immensely. It is her I have to thank for my first felting attempt - when I saw what she had been making, I decided I wanted to try it! So thanks Lisa!!!!

And thanks to all the above listed bloggers - you all have inspired me in different ways and you have all made me smile - I hope I can return the favour!


PS: I forgot to mention Kali - who was one of my first Australian blogs and my first etsy purchase (the most adorable pin cushion). I love the photography and I love her craft and I love the fact that she has been so friendly too - so drop in and see her as well!


freefalling said...

Oh wow - I might be on self-imposed blog rest at present, but I still drop by and check in. I'm gunna go around all cocky today, thinking I'm
all honest and strong - I think they are really good things to be - thanks Levin, - you made my day!

de vliegende koe said...

Congrats on the I Love Your Blog award! Thank you so much for calling me an inspiration Levineke! I really hope you keep on blogging. It’s so nice to read about your life and stuff you and Emily make! I’m going to visit the other blogs you mentioned, i don’t know them all yet!

Kali said...

Congrats on the award!!
I can't wait to check out all your links...
It's great to be part of such an inspiring group of people and the things they share.
xo Kali

Madeleine said...

Wow - so many wonderful friends you've made, and in such a short time! Just think how many more are waiting for you to find them in the years to come :)

corry said...

Congrats on the Award! Thank you, Levineke to call me an inspiration. It's so great we can share our ideas and friendship. I'm gonna check out the other links, I'm always exiting to discover blogs I haven't seen before!

Linda said...

Hi Levin, I found you over at Hazy Jane & thought Id say hi. Im off to check all you links I have not seen before.

Kali said...

aww, shucks!

Mirre said...

Thank you for the blog love :)))
I hope to start blogging again very soon!
Have a lovely weekend!

emma said...

I'd love that too, levin. One of these days I might pull my finger out and go on a road trip to adelaide, there seems to be such a lot going on there. Thanks for saying such lovely things about me!

Meggy said...

I love the idea of a yarn shop with a big shared table, Could you come to the Gold Coast and start one up? cheers :)

monique said...

I finally had some time to be behind the computer again.
Congratulations on the award!
Thank you for mentioning me.

Mijk said...

so funny to discover dutch blogs through an australian site!