Sunday, December 26, 2010

A gift from DaisyChain

 In amongst the chaos that was Christmas, when I was up to my elbows in cookie dough, a parcel came for me.
Louis was convinced it was for him!

 Inside was a gorgeous bag and cushion from the very talented DaisyChain.
I had intended to photograph it as soon as I had finished my gingerbread dough and when I went to find it I discovered this:

How can you argue with that?
Louis might think it is his pillow, but I know better ;-)
Thank you Jenny :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

One of my favourite photos of the night - my beautiful Emily and her big cousin Ben. Isn't her dress just beautiful.
Eagerly awaiting the present unwrapping. We have a big family with lots of brothers and sisters, cousins etc. It makes for a very special night.

Christmas morning - what better present can you get?!

Merry Christmas to all my blogging friends. May 2011 bring much joy and happiness your way :)

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


There have been some changes in my life which have been all consuming!

This is where I have been spending a lot of time lately....
I've got a casual library job with the Prospect Library which has been all consuming. This is kind of hilarious given that I haven't done that many hours - but with my studies and my children.....and my desire to be perfect at a job I have never done before.....well lets just say it's all consuming :)

But I hope to blog more soon - once the kids are on holidays and I have more time at home. And I hope to post about my knitting adventures and other crafty pursuits. And I also hope to catch up on all of your blogs - because I haven't really been spending much time on the computer at all :(

Of course with the Christmas season upon us, there's a good chance you won't see me until the new year ;-)


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Our road trip

During the school holidays I decided to take my boys to Kadina to visit my sister, Dineke. Being a one car family (and David needing it for work), we had to take the bus which was probably the most exciting part of the holiday. Sorry, no pictures because I just wasn't that organised.
I did however manage to get shots of the beach at Moonta:

 And a couple of photos of the boys and my wonderful mum at a wonderful little coffee shop in Moonta. We had the most delightful cake and coffee there.
And don't you just love the boys hats - my niece, Karen, bought them for the boys at an op shop - $0.50 each!
We were joined on our second day by another sister, Jo and two of her children. I love the way all of the cousins get on so well, from the very little to the very big. It's one of the nice things about being part of a close, big family.
Kadina is a great break for us - it's very relaxed up there, no hustle and bustle - just slow and easy. I'm looking forward to heading back in the next holidays :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little time for us

After 16 years, David felt it was time for a little holiday on our own. This was inspired by the fact that David has just started a new job and for a little while (we hope) he will be doing lots of hours. Having children spread out over a few years meant that we never really got to have a break on our own. Not that we minded really - but I guess the time was right for us to finally have a weekend away together - just the two of us. The only small problem was that the weekend in question was right in the middle of the holidays, right on a long weekend :(

But, with a bit of negotiating and a lot of determination, we managed to find some accommodation for Thursday and Friday night instead (luckily David didn't have to work on Friday).
Thursday was busy - not only was I packing for the boys, who were going to my mother's for a night and my sister's for a night, I was also packing for us - AND I had also offered to look after not one but four other boys - which in the end meant that I had 7 boys under 10 in my house (the neighbour's boy decided to get in on the action too). Not that I minded - they all got on so well that it actually worked out to be a blessing (much better than having my boys continuously asking if it was nearly time to go yet.....).
 In my haste I forgot to pack my camera, so you will have to put up with my terrible phone pictures and you will have to trust me when I say it was wonderful. We stayed at The Vintage - which was absolutely beautiful- in the library suite (because that's what I'm going to be one day - a librarian). I loved all the books on the shelves - so pretty - and I didn't really bother with reading the books - I just gazed at all the different titles - finding treasures everywhere.
the view from the front of the house
the entrance hall
the Picasso print which I really liked
We had a two lovely days of long conversations that were never interrupted, long moments of sitting in companionable silence - reading, knitting, we visited galleries where we didn't have to worry about the kids breaking things, touching things and we ate under the stars, with a gorgeous glass of 'just bought' red and some lovely takeaway. But most importantly, we packed up on Saturday morning feeling happy and eager to get back to our family.

The lounge room (it was so lovely to recline on the chair and read)

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Someone else's treasure pt II

My sister used to clean for a lovely lady. Recently she sold her house and moved into a retirement village and as a result, we cleaned her house for the last time. It was sad to see the empty shell - the house used to be filled with treasures and lots and lots of photos - it was a pleasure to clean because there was so much to see. Anyway, when I had finished doing the inside of the house I went out to ask her if she wanted me to do some of the outside of the house. I found her in the shed and as I walked in I spied this beautiful sewing machine on the floor. Naturally I was beside myself and I exclaimed (read blurted)  "isn't that sewing machine just gorgeous" to which her head popped up rather excitedly and she said "do you want it?". Apparently the only reason it wasn't in the bin was because it was too heavy for her to lift......can you believe it???!!! She told me it wasn't much use because the foot pedal was lost but I didn't care - this sewing machine would make the perfect ornament in my overly full house :)
I love other people's trash!
Okay, this is a pretty crappy photo - but you get the drift - they used to make sewing machines pretty - what a shame they don't do it any more!

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Someone's trash = our new treasures

Yesterday I was running late for the hairdressers but as I walked up the street I saw some old cane chairs out on someone's verge. 
I went through this whole dilemma of being late and thinking 'should I tell David about them'? 'Will they still be there when they get back'. 'Are they worth it'? I tried to ring David, who was home, but my mobile didn't have any reception which was completely frustrating as I was close enough to yell and he probably would have heard me, but I guess I didn't want to look silly. So, I ran back home and suggested he have a look to see if they were worth taking. Fortunately, after all that hassle they were. 
So here are our new garden chairs on a beautiful spring day in a beautiful spring garden.

I love the fact that our washing was dry and put away all before the sun went down!

All those delays meant I had to power walk to the hairdresser, but heck, it was all worth it!
 Isn't spring just beautiful!

Winter warmth

It's been a particularly cold and wet winter this year. Normally we get lots of fine days with blue skies, but not this year. So it was heavenly to have a little moment of winter warmth before the next lot of rain came out way and what better way to soak up the sun....
The three of us sat in the sun and read, whilst David kept an eye on the chooks who were happily scratching down the back. 
Here's to more sunny days 

Monday, August 30, 2010


the other day we came back from kicking the soccer ball and i was typing on the computer when i looked up and found one of our chickens in the garden. i smiled - it's such a lovely sight......then i realised - 'hang on a cotton picking minute, we don't let our chickens out in the whole garden'. upon closer inspection i found it was not one, but all four in the garden - having a super time. they had such fun, and they weren't too naughty that we decided to do it again. it makes david super nervous - especially when they discovered the veggie garden - but for me, i just love watching them scratch around! there is nothing funnier than a bunch of chicken's bums in the air - and feet madly scratching away.

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

this is a birdhouse that david and the boys built in 2005. 
we recently had a bit of a storm and the birdhouse was blown off it's perch and it broke.....beyond repair :(
so, david and louis built another another one using wood that they scavenged (david is a great scavenger). 

it took a little while to build but they finally put it up in the garden and louis was quick to make it cosy and comfy for the birds. 

the next morning we noticed the sign: 

too cute for words really :)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

on my needles

first of all, i need to thank all you bloggers that i regularly read for inspiration, because, boy do i need it to keep me motivated. i'm one of those crafters who loves the thrill of the hunt - new project, new materials etc... then i make a start and then i lose my enthusiasm :(
well, i started this cardigan a while ago. got quite far with it (far for me) then noticed it had not one, but three mistakes, so i pulled it out and started again. i was finding it very hard to regain my enthusiasm for this project but then i would trawl blogs and see what you guys were knitting and making and i would be reminded that it's good to persist....that the end result is what will make it all worthwhile. and that i could do it too - this is probably the hardest one for me to come to grips with - but i could make beautiful things if i try - i have the necessary skills, i just need the patience and determination.....
anyway, here's where i'm at so far. the wool is from bendigo woollen mills - luxuary 10ply (aran) in the colour 'lake'. it's lovely to knit with.

secondly i have to thank ravelry - for the pattern, for the inspiration and for just being there to remind me that it's all worth it in the end. if you haven't joined ravelry and you're a knitter or a crocheter or a wannabe you should join - they say the best things in life are free and this is definitely one of those things :)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We are in the middle of the holidays here and life has taken on a slightly more relaxed mood around here. One of the things I appreciate most at the moment is mornings like these:
I love our mornings of lying in bed (excuse the bad photo) where we all read our books, or if they are very lucky (which they always are) I read to them.
Recently there was a public holidays and at 9.30am there was a knock on the door. Someone that I had studied with needed some help. She was shocked to find that I hadn't got up yet and for a moment I felt guilty - especially because not only were we still in bed, but the house was trashed!!! Anyway, later I thought about it and I thought "do I want to be remembered as the mother with the very clean house who was very organised, or the mother who was happy to let it all go to play". I choose the latter :) Don't get me wrong, my house was cleaned up the very next day when they had all gone back to school, but when they are around I've decided to relax a bit.

So, what do you do after a morning in bed......
You teach the kids self sufficiency with basic cooking lessons - today it's french toast and freshly squeezed orange juice. For the record, the eggs are from our chooks and the oranges from our tree :) and yes, I love that I can say that!!

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


we've just been on a little holiday. now that david works as a contractor, he doesn't really get time off but he had to swap shifts with another physio and it meant he had a four day weekend so we decided to go away.

this is the second time we've been to robe in the south east (south australia). it's a lovely spot and if you go in winter, it's nice and quiet. mum and dad came with us too - it was a great opportunity for them to get away as well. we are lucky enough to be able to stay in a friend's house. it's a gorgeous place - steeped in history
Here's dad and louis making pancakes for lunch.......mmmm. i love watching my dad teach my kids things that he taught me.

and here's mum and david relaxing.  mum spent so much time running around after the boys, taking them for walks on the beach, spoiling them with love and attention.

julian and louis bought themselves cap guns and recreated old westerns.....

we went for a nice long walk in beachport and discovered these dunes and and beautiful wild and wooly sea. 

The boys had such fun with their oma and opa.
And we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise on our last morning.

i feel so blessed to have been able to have this little break, to have been able to share it with people i love so much, to have taken a trip down memory lane, memories which are so dear to me.

life is pretty darn great


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm here ....... with pics!

Look what we found! It was so exciting to find my first eggs. It's amazing how absolutely perfect they are. I think my girls are very clever and I'm rewarding them big time with fresh spinach and lots of lovely seeds.

I've been doing a little knitting lately. I guess it's because the weather has become cooler and the thought of knitting seems comforting. My knitting skills are pretty average - but lately I've been reading a book which has explained lots of things to me and I've just been giving them a go. I mean if worse comes to worse, I can just rip it out. So, here are some of my winter warmers so far....

 The photo is pretty dodgy - but what can you do when it's just you and the bathroom mirror? This was a lovely pattern from Ravelry called Windy City Hat.

I've also made some fingerless gloves from this pattern. It took me five attempts but I finally figured it out. I'm very happy with them - they were very easy to make and I love the cable pattern.  Have I ever told you how much I love Ravelry????!!!! It's so much fun :)