Tuesday, December 22, 2009

At last, I've finally made something...

A doll's quilt for my niece.
This was so much fun to make as it was really quick and easy.
I've managed to make two Christmas t-shirts for the boys.
And I whipped up a skirt for me - thanks to a good friend who forced me to to cut the pattern out. Once I had started it, it was easy to finish. Sometimes I need a little push, or rather, a great big shove!
I found this fabric at Spotlight in the quilting section. It's so pretty and it makes me feel pretty when I wear it.

Now I'm off to do some Christmas baking.
Hope you are all enjoying the festive season.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

it's early in the morning.....

julian is watching abc 3 and louis is on the computer you tubing pipe organ music - is this normal behaviour for a five year old???
move over mazda's - louis has found his new obsession :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Semester Over

I'm back - with my first semester of studies over and I must say I am feeling a little relieved. The study has been great, but it consumes much time and many thoughts. It's nice to have a break.
Last night I went to see this band at the Gov. They were absolutely fantastic live and The Gov is such a great space to see live bands. It's been a long time since I've been to see a concert like this and I had times when I felt a little old but it was great.

I love music that makes me feel happy - like this band does.

I'm hoping to start sewing again soon - I have to make some gifts for Christmas and I want to make a new skirt as well. Now that I'm not studying it should be easier to get behind the machine, but with the silly season starting up there's little time!!! There's a party every weekend these days.....

Hope you are all happy and well

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the holidays.....

This is Louis
When I started quilting, Louis was one of the first to put his hand up for one. And then he happily browsed through books and magazines to find the one he wanted most (of course he changed his mind at least once a week after I started cutting and sewing).

In the holidays I finally finished his quilt (it's taken about a year) and he is very, very happy with it.
It's hard to see it, especially as Louis decided to photograph it himself (Emily took the bottom photograph) but I think you can get the general gist.
I have also finished the top to Julian's quilt which I will attempt to finish in the summer holidays. And, I started quilting Emily's quilt that she started 20 months ago. So - I did get a bit of crafting done in the holidays, not as much as I would have liked, but a bit ;-)


Friday, October 23, 2009


I love watching moments like this - father and son in the garden, harvesting potatoes, sharing knowledge, showing quiet enthusiasm.

If you look closely, you can see the potatoes on the sleeper. We had them with our roast and it they were lovely. I don't think there is anything quite as nice as a home grown product.
This is one of my favourite views in the garden. Where I am standing is where the washing line is so when I am hanging out washing, this is what I see. The green shadecloth is covering the sandpit and I have to admit, it looks much nicer without the shadecloth on but I couldn't be bothered hauling it off just for the photo. But, as you can imagine, it's a lovely spot to sit and watch the kids playing, under the shade of two big old almond trees.

This was David's last father's day present from Louis. We are in the habit of getting him a new garden ornament each birthday/christmas/or occasion. He has quite an eclectic mix of garden art, dotted around the place - it's quite fun trying to spot things in the garden.

Spring has sprung here in Adelaide and we are enjoying the most beautiful spring weather - and I'm delighting in how fresh everything looks - but I already miss the rain!


Friday, October 2, 2009

I can ripple!!!!!

Thanks to the amazingly talented Attic24 (and a slightly irritating headcold) I can proudly say that I know how to ripple. It's something that I've wanted to learn but kept thinking 'that's too hard'. Well, I can safely say, it's not too hard and it's immensely satisfying.
Things have been a bit busy lately, and I haven't done any crafting for ages and whilst it's holidays at the moment, I find I'm spending a lot of time with the kids. This morning though, the boys went out with their big cousin Lily and as I wasn't feeling too good, I figured I deserved a little time to sit quietly. So that's just what I did - and this is what I achieved out of scraps of wool I found in my stash. I'm itching to try her tutorial on hexagons now. Check out her blog - it's so bright and beautiful, it just makes you smile :)

Below is what I plan to start on the weekend. I'm thinking a log cabin quilt, or something similar. It will be lovely to get behind a sewing machine again - it's been far too long!

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Holidays are here!!!



Julian had friends over after school and I had been out all day and hadn't had the chance to shop for snacks so I had to resort to making something myself.
What could be better on a cold, blustery day than a plate full of poffertjes.
Mmmmmm yum
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I'm not currently blogging

Changes have occurred in my home.....big changes, exciting changes but time consuming changes. After almost 8 years of being a stay at home mum, I've decided to study with the view of one day getting a job I love. So, a few weeks ago I started doing library studies and I'm absolutely loving it. I sit in my lectures and I feel like I've come home. Library studies brings together my admin skills, my computer skills, my love of finding information and my passion for books altogether in one lovely job. I'm really enjoying it but I'm also finding it very difficult to get my head around being a part time student and a full time mum and so I haven't made anything lately or done any blogging :(

On another note - look what I got for my birthday.......

Isn't she beautiful. David bought it for me from the Classic Bicycle Shop and it's a bike based on the ones made in the 20's, 30's and 40's. It doesn't have gears (you should see me trying to get up the hills around here - hahaha). It's just a beautifully simple rather elegant ladies bike. I try to practice riding every day as it's hard going, but once I get a bit fitter I know it will be a pleasure to ride ;-)

Well, must go, study beckons and as it is a beautiful day I think I will do my reading outside!

Hope you are all happy and well

Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm still here.......

My life is a soup kitchen.

There’s nothing fancy,

Nothing shiny,

Just wholesome goodness

That warms you on the coldest days

And fills you with a deep satisfaction

That no fancy meal could ever do

So on that note, I would like you to join me

For my soup kitchen 40th birthday celebration

Bring a beanie

Bring some fingerless gloves

Bring your good company

Because you are a good friend

You are a pea soup kind of friend

and I want to celebrate with you.

On Saturday 1st of August

From 4.00pm till later



I wish I could invite all you guys too - but distance prevents this, so have a bowl of soup this Saturday night, and think of me!!



Saturday, June 20, 2009

just to clarify

thanks for the lovely, somewhat concerned comments. my reason for a break is a good one - my sister is over from solland and I haven't seen her for such a long time so I want to spend as much time as possible with her. She is here for her 50th birthday which is tomorrow. soon after that i have to organise my 40th birthday and at the moment i'm feeling rather overwhelmed - but in a good way. i hope to still be able to read blogs - but if you don't hear from me it's not because i've forgotten you, just because i'm not spending much time on a computer.
hope you are all happy and well.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm having a wee break

things are a bit hectic here at the moment ........ for good reasons.
back soon

Monday, June 8, 2009

Paperbag Swap

Look what I got in the mail!
A beautiful little bag to hold a cup - so I don't need to use those nasty takeaway cups - thus creating less land fill which makes me very happy!
And this little bit of loveliness!
It's a folder to hold my work in whilst I'm out and about.
It has all these neat and natty pockets to hold scissors, thread and a needle booklet and a thread holder. It's very cleverly designed and absolutely beautiful.
I think Michelle has been very creative in this paperbag swap and I absolutely love all that she has made. I aspire to be as clever as this one day!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have I ever told you how much I love the rain.....

Those of you in the northern hemisphere, or anyone north of us really, will probably think I'm mad - but I love rain.
I love the sound it makes on the roof and I will, more often than not, stop conversations to listen to it.
I love to watch it fall outside - I can sit and stare out the window for hours - except that it rarely rains for hours here.
Weather reports with rain forecast make me happy.
I guess this is what comes from living in the driest state of the driest continent on earth.
These pics were taken from our brief outing at Mt Lofty Botanical Gardens - I say brief as we didn't realise it was going to rain and we were not really prepared for it. We managed to stay out for about 30 minutes but then we got too wet. It was lovely walking in it though - so soft and gentle. The scenery was beautiful and the smell was intoxicating........
I really love rain


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I've got that sewing bug......

I had been itching to get behind my machine and make things during the holidays and I organised a sewing day with two friends - but you know how it is when you have people over to your house - you end up spending most of your time serving, feeding and organising - and very little time actually sewing.
On top of that, Emily's friend decided to have a go at sewing a bag. She's never really made anything before but was very enthusiastic.
The following day I had everything ready to do some quilting and then the boys decided they wanted to sew. In so many ways I really wanted to be selfish and tell them to go off and amuse themselves but I just couldn't. I love the thought that my kids want to be creative and I strongly believe I have to encourage that where possible. So, no sewing for me on Thursday............

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Friday, April 24, 2009

I can't believe i've finally done it!

last night i put my final stitch on my pinwheel quilt.
this quilt was a huge challenge for me.
from the piecing (boy did i unpick a lot!!!) - to the machine quilting on my trusty machine
and finally the metres and metres of binding
but it was well worth every stitch :)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picnic in Pt Wakefield

On Monday we decided to visit my niece Karen.

Those of you from South Australia might know Pt Wakefield. It's a petrol station mecca and it's the last stop before Adelaide. I've been through it so many times - but I never realised there was more to it - just a long strip of petrol stations with lots of trucks and cars. Karen moved there quite recently and she is still finding her feet there but she mentioned a few times that she had found a happy spot so we decided to have a picnic lunch there.

One of the best things about Pt Wakefield is the bakery - yummo! We got pies and pasties and juice and sat down in this beautiful little oasis.

It's hard to explain, but the drive up was very dry and dusty and Pt Wakefield itself is very dry and dusty and barren so to find this little water inlet and to sit in the shade of some trees was just like finding a piece of paradise.

After lunch the troops had a bit of a walk and then it was back to Karen's for a coffee and a chat before making our way back home again.
You know it's been said many times before, but the simple things in life are often the best!
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