Sunday, March 21, 2010

on my needles and up my tree

I found this gorgeous 4 ply hand dyed merino in my niece's long forgotten stash and I decided that it would look gorgeous as a scarf for her (or me) (or us). So, I sat on Ravelry until I found the perfect pattern that would challenge me a little more, but not put me off completely.
I'm not sure which photo reflects the beauty of the yarn - I'm pretty sure that both my dismal attempts at photographing it do not do the colour justice. 
I'm enjoying knitting this up, although it is slow as I'm not too sure about unknitting lace and the pattern requires some concentration - not that it's hard, it just needs to be accurate. 

This weekend the boys have pretty much been away from any screen type products - preferring to be outside and adventurous (it helps that we had to go to two parties as well). This morning I found them in the backyard making cubbies - one for each of them in our two almond trees.

In the backgound you can just see the almost finished chook house - affectionately called the chook penthouse as it is so large! I can't wait to get some chickens and to collect our first eggs.......

Hope you are all having or have had a great weekend.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

one cold, wet, wintry day

Last weekend we had some rather lovely cold, wet (how beautiful that rain sounded), wintry weather - perfect for being indoors and for crafting.
Emily and I were knitting leaves for her sports day costume and the boys asked if they could make something and "did I have any spare wool"?
Silly question....
This is just a fraction of the wool I have stashed around the place. It's been put away for this exact reason - so that my kids will have something to play with.
To start with they decided to make gods eyes for David's birthday - something for him to hang up in the garden. 
 But then Julian asked if I could teach him how to knit again.

The look of pure concentration. 
 He got it - okay, there were lots of dropped stitches, and lots of made up ones - but he actually managed to do quite a bit of good knitting. He needs to understand the concept that he can't really knit without watching what he's doing though - not at this stage.....
Louis ended up trying to do some stitching, whilst the others were knitting. So there we sat, safely ensconced in our warm house, enjoying our grey, wintry day :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

the beauty of nature

The boys came inside the other day and were talking about this flower in the garden that had another flower growing in it.
I will be honest, I didn't take much notice as I was cooking dinner but they mentioned it again later and I decided I had to investigate.
At first glance I didn't know what they were talking about - it was just a flower to me. 
BUT, when I looked closer I could see there were little flowers growing on the big flower.

Perfectly formed little flowers within a big flower.
Isn't nature just amazing.

I am back to study once again - hence the lack of blogging. I spend a lot of time behind the computer, but not doing fun stuff. I miss the holidays already :(
But that's what life's all about, isn't it. You can't appreciate the good times without the bad.

I'm still doing a little sewing, a little knitting (my first pair of socks!!!) and a little reading (loving The Women in Black).

Hopefully I will be back soon ;-)