Friday, January 29, 2010

I can't believe.....

 my little baby has turned 16 today


has got her learner's permit today

and is currently at the big day out today

when did she get to be so big?

happy birthday emily

Monday, January 25, 2010

and now we are back

putting up the tent

it seems like a distant memory now and yet we've been back less than 24 hours.
it was a fantastic spot to camp - especially in summer

there was a pool for the kids and a fantastic playground - so they were never bored!

we caught up with friends on our first night - it was cold and blowy but we managed to have fish and chips at the beach and have a play in the water - well, the kids played whilst we adults stayed as warm as possible.

we saw the beach in so many guises - it's hard to capture it's true beauty but there was rain in the distance by the hills and yet the water in front of us was beautifully blue.

we had a little paddle but it was a bit cold and we weren't really prepared for swimming.

our campsite - louis took this photo in the early evening after dinner. that's david and me sitting to the left - relaxed after dinner.

we took a stroll up this path one evening, to go kangaroo spotting. we saw at least three kangaroos - one baby too.
can you see it? i know it's a bit dark but there is definately a kangaroo there and he is staring right at you!
our campsite was just across the road from the aldinga conservation park which you had to go through to get to the beach. it was a leisurely 15 minute stroll, marred only by the flies. we found this tree branch that had obviously come down and had started growing where it lay - amazing really.
ahhh - camp food - fried sandwiches made with homegrown tomatoes - nothing better after a long walk!

early morning - still waking
a breakfast of french toast - mmmmmm
the boys didn't realise they liked french toast!

day three - our last day :(
we packed up camp and headed for the beach. the kids were very excited to be able to drive onto the beach!

that's us in there - the waves were great for body surfing and jumping (note to self, must take boogy boards next time).

and here we are, tired but exhilarated! it was so much fun in there.
the holiday was great - it used to be a bit of a hassel having to pack everything to go camping, but the more you do it, the better you get at it - so it becomes second nature.
everytime we go away, i swear i am going to do it again sooner - it's great for the soul.


Friday, January 22, 2010

We're off....

on a little holiday to here

 we've packed our tent and our supplies
our books and games
and we are looking forward to a little R&R
be back soon with pictures with us in it :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

On being good

One year, when Julian was very young and Emily was about 8, I put all of the Christmas presents under the tree. Emily then proceeded to pick up every present for her, squeeze it, shake it, smell it and then announce what it was. True, she didn't know the title of the book, video etc... but it still seemed a bit disappointing that she knew what she was getting.
As a result, I have not put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve but this year the boys really wanted me to put them out, they were desperate for me to, they would do anything, they would be really, really, REALLY good.
So I relented - under strict instructions that they were not to touch any of their presents.
Which they didn't, but I did find them like this at one stage - bums up, with their heads firmly planted under the tree, not touching but searching for their presents.
I guess it's all part of the magic of Christmas.
ps - please note that the 15 year old has her head under that tree as well, highlighting that you are never too old for Christmas :)
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Thursday, January 14, 2010

i'm still here

my camera has been out of action. why you ask??? well because louis got a game for christmas which required two 'AA' batteries and naturally they took mine. and yes, i realise that christmas was weeks ago - but you know how it is - when you remember the batteries you're not in a shop and when you are in a shop you are thinking about chocolate, not batteries.

anyway, i'm thinking of making some changes to my blog. i want a new name but i'm having coming up with something........any ideas?

also, emily has moved from my blog (which she rarely participated in) and has started her own. visit her here and say hello :)

till next time
take care, be happy