Sunday, September 9, 2007

Spring is here......

It was a beautiful spring day here yesterday - the sun was shining, there was a warm breeze, the sky was an endless blue sky and my whole house smelt of jasmine......

which just lifts your spirits a bit. We have a huge hedge of it out the front of our house which you can even smell when your walking down the street - just beautiful.
I love the smell of jasmine, orange blossom and freesias. They all seem to be enhanced by a warm spring breeze. When I stand at the washing line, hanging the washing out (again), I get lovely wafts of orange blossom and I can't help but feel a little happier.

We had a busy day yesterday but we managed to fit in a very quick trip to Nest Studio to pick up our very own copy of this................

We had heard about it coming out when Emily went to one of Carly's classes to learn how to make a softie, so we had been waiting patiently (?) for it to come out. It's full of inspiration, especially for Em who would love to make lots and lots of softies. Carly has even more treasures in her shop, well worth a trip if you are in the neighbourhood. We also found artwork there from belle and boo which is absolutely gorgeous. I happened to stumble across her blog one day and I'm itching for an excuse to buy something of hers.

Emily's latest WIP

will someday become a beautiful doll. I'm not sure when, as, like her mother, she started one thing and then before finishing it, has moved on to another project (a sock monkey). Hopefully we can post the finished product soon.

I'm off to decorate fairly cakes and a chocolate birthday cake for the first of many birthday parties this week for Julian. Today we are celebrating with my family, on Tuesday (his birthday) he will celebrate with us and some of my family, on Saturday he will have his friends party followed by David's side of the family. On Sunday, I will be exhausted and a little bit fatter!


corry said...

Mmmm....the smell of jasmine... wonderful! We are on the beginning of fall here, so I'm a bit jealous.
Fall also has his charm but I like it when the days get longer and the plants are blooming. I love Emily's latest Wip so far. Lovely fabrics! I'm sure want to see this finished.... and also the sock monkey! Happy birthday for Julian!

Madeleine said...

gorgeous, as usual. the warm breezes that herald spring are certainly welcome, although so is the rain that is currently falling!

but where is the poor doll's head??

Kali said...

I love the smells of spring in the garden too!
Well done Emily on the softie WIP so far, can't wait to see it finished. I have a 'thing' for making softies too :)
That book looks good. I could buy new books everyday (and fabric of course!!), though it would send me broke in a hurry. LOL