Tuesday, June 8, 2010


we've just been on a little holiday. now that david works as a contractor, he doesn't really get time off but he had to swap shifts with another physio and it meant he had a four day weekend so we decided to go away.

this is the second time we've been to robe in the south east (south australia). it's a lovely spot and if you go in winter, it's nice and quiet. mum and dad came with us too - it was a great opportunity for them to get away as well. we are lucky enough to be able to stay in a friend's house. it's a gorgeous place - steeped in history
Here's dad and louis making pancakes for lunch.......mmmm. i love watching my dad teach my kids things that he taught me.

and here's mum and david relaxing.  mum spent so much time running around after the boys, taking them for walks on the beach, spoiling them with love and attention.

julian and louis bought themselves cap guns and recreated old westerns.....

we went for a nice long walk in beachport and discovered these dunes and and beautiful wild and wooly sea. 

The boys had such fun with their oma and opa.
And we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise on our last morning.

i feel so blessed to have been able to have this little break, to have been able to share it with people i love so much, to have taken a trip down memory lane, memories which are so dear to me.

life is pretty darn great