Saturday, February 23, 2008

Valentine Swap and other goodies too

On Friday I was the lucky recipient of not one but TWO parcels in the post. How lucky was I???

Firstly I recently took place in Lucy Locket's Valentine Swap. My swap partner Sarah sent me this lovely parcel.
Firstly, unlike me, Sarah took the time to wrap everything - how nice was that???

(excuse the photos, they were taken on my mobile and are pretty bad)

These are the goodies all unwrapped. It was so much fun getting presents when it wasn't even my birthday.

Firstly, Sarah made these beautiful cards (they put my card to shame). They are just beautiful and I can't wait to share them with someone soon - providing that I'm willing to part with them!

Sarah also made me these lovely hearts which will be hung on my inspiration board which is just above my sewing table. Don't you love the fabric??!!

I also got some beautiful fabric which I will be using very soon.

And also some chocolate which I have shared with the kids - aren't I nice. I think I only shared it as they were around when I opened the parcel. Had they not been near, I could have hidden my stash.......

One happy boy........

As I mentioned above, I also won a prize over at Comfy and Cosy - and once again I was spoilt.

A box filled with lovely goodies including buttons, ribbons and ric rac - the cutest ric rac I've seen! The buttons are gorgeous - I can't wait to use them.

My photo doesn't do justice to this linen teatowel. It is simply beautiful and the embroidery is gorgeous. It will never be used to dry dishes - how could anyone have used something this beautiful to dry dishes???

Okay, next - big arguments between Emily and I as to whose fabric this is. She insists that what's mine is hers but I'm thinking not.......

And these two craft magazines - I've not had a chance to look through them yet, but I can't wait to.

Okay, that's it for now. I hope everyone reading is happy and well. Next time I hope to post about craft - but I say that every time don't I??


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

where have i been???

Not much has been happening in my life.

Don't get me wrong, I've been very busy, but not much has been happening. Hence the lack of posts.

I've been busy with my Valentine Swap for Sarah which I finally posted off yesterday (a whole day early!!!).

I've been trying to organise my quilting lessons at Hettie's Patch so that I can finally start making my quilt.

But, I've nothing to show you - so instead I will show you what I got in the mail today.

This is my third one of these magazines and I love them. So jam packed full of information that is relevant to me and where I am at now. Lots of bloggers, lots of crafters and lots of environmentally friendly information.

I am sick of this at the moment:-

Not the tree - that's okay with me. It's the blue sky behind it - all day everyday. I know I shouldn't complain but I just want a few days of rain - nice, wet, constant rain. Enough rain to fill rain tanks, rivers and reserviors.

But in the meantime I guess we can do lots of this:-

Yesterday I sat outside to knit whilst Louis played. It really is quite nice sitting under the shade of the gum tree, knitting and listening to Louis to chatter away whilst he plays. He loves being in the garden.

Most of the garden looks yellow and drab - except for these:

The camera didn't do them justice and I would have taken more but my camera broke (any tips on a good camera to buy that's not too expensive???)
Anyway, these are David's zinnias and the colours are just beautiful. They are just near the washing line, so it's always a pleasure hanging out the washing.

Hopefully it wont take so long to do my next post, and hopefully I will be able to show you something I have made - providing that a) i've made something and b) i have a camera to take photos with!


Friday, February 1, 2008

10 years and four days later

Today (2nd February) is Louis' Birthday.
Today is another one of my special days!

Feb 04

June 04

July 04

We weren't expecting Louis in our lives - but he was a very lovely surprise!

March 05

November 06

Birthday 07

October 07

Birthday 08

When I found out I was pregnant with Louis, I have to say I was a little freaked. I wasn't sure if I could cope with another labour (Julian's birth was very fast and a little painful).
But, I read lots of literature, talked to my friend who is a midwife and decided to prepare myself for a water birth. Louis' birth was slower and more gentle - it was actually a wonderful experience. He was a big baby - 10lbs (4.5kg) but he was my easiest birth.
I figured (yes, I was deluded) that since he came out in such a calm manner that he would be by nature, a calm boy. Absolutely and Definately not.
He is loud, determined, defiant (in the nicest possible way) and prone to extremes. He's either very cross or very happy. When he hugs you he almost squeezes the life out of you. He likes guns and cars and nail polish and dressing up as a fairy. He's my little whirlwind and my lovely little boy. Happy Birthday Louis.

On a different note, this week has been very busy for me and I haven't been doing much crafting, but hopefully now that I have the two birthdays out of the way, I can concentrate on making some things again. And hopefully I can post about them too. I've missed crafting!