Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finally......a crafty weekend

We finally managed to have a bit of a crafty weekend after weekends of parties etc.

This is my first attempt at felting a bag. I made it as a gift for a six year old girl who is the daughter of friends that we are going to stay with when we go to Melbourne. I am now making a second one for her sister - but the second one is in different colours. I really love the colours of this bag and I really enjoyed making it, so I think I will definately be making more. Especially as it is made out of Woolbale wool which is on special at the moment at Spotlight for $2.00 a ball!!!!!

Emily finally managed to finish off her sock monkey which has turned out rather cute. She would love to make one out of rockford red (?) socks but we think you can only get them in America so it may be a little hard.

At the moment I have a few projects on the go, but I'm trying to get the bags done before our holiday to Melbourne and I want to make an ear flap cap for our friend's son, so he doesn't miss out (I don't think he would like a bag, although I could make a masculine one!) I am also crocheting granny squares for a blanket to go over my very red couch - I need something to break it up a little and the squares will be in similar colours to our arm chair. I've decided to be very disciplined and weave in the ends as I go as otherwise I will probably end up with a whole pile of squares that I just don't want to weave ends into, or a very hairy blanket! I will post photos of this another time, for now it is time to get boys, the loud, rowdy boys, into bed.


de vliegende koe said...

The bag is more than lovely! And Emily is a really talented softies-maker. The monkey is a cuty!

corry said...

I love the bag! So will make a great present. And Emily... your monkey is so cute! How many socks do you need to make one?

Leanne said...

I like the bag I have never tried felting it looks interesting.
I love the monkey Emily keep up the great work.

Lisa said...

Love your felted bag Levin. Woolbale felts so well and is affordable for most knitters and crocheters. Did it felt by about a 1/3? Emily your monkey is so cute, I have been trying to encourage my nearly 13 year old daughter to have a go a one of these. Which pattern did you use?

Looking forward to seeing the next bag.

Kali said...

I haven't tried felting yet (not intentionally anyway ~ lol). This bag is really fab, love the colours too.
well done Emily on the sock monkey, what a cutie!

Emily said...

Em, I love the monkey! Teach me? The bags are so cool! I love the colours!