Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dad's Little Helper

Louis loves to help and loves to be in the garden. He also loves to dress up - which is why he is wearing his dad's cut down gumboots. It was really funny watching him trying to walk around the garden in the oversized and somewhat heavy boots.

Notice the way they are on the wrong feet - making it even harder to walk properly!

We've had the hottest August day since 1911 - 28 degrees C. David is trying to water the plants but we are on such strict water restrictions that it can only be done with a bucket or watering can at the moment. It's kind of scary to think that we have water restrictions in the middle of winter. Everything looks rather dry but there are some splashes of colour around. The ranunculi are very hardy and don't need much water, thank goodness, and they provide a little bit of cheer in the garden.

It's been hard trying to post as I've been busy and Julian has been sick. He's had a bad year this year, but hopefully when summer comes he will get rid of the permanent cold he's had since the beginning of winter.

This was taken during the day but it's looking rather gloomy at the moment and they are expecting a storm to pass through soon - no rain though :( Better batten down the hatches!


de vliegende koe said...

He is sooo cute in his daddies boots! I hope you will have some rain, I will send some from overhere. It’s definately Harvest-time in Holland. We didn’t have much of a Summer, apart from some sunny days in April and May, so it feels kind of funny it’s already over now! I hope Julian will feel better soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

monique said...

Happy belated birthday to you!
OOHH, he looks so cute in his dads boots!
Hopefully Julian is feeling better soon.
Have a lovely weekend.

Kali said...

what a cutie...and those boots on him look so funny!!
I hope you guys get some proper rainfall soon.
Levin, you also asked me about the cook book 'Apples for Jam' ~ and I love it. It's a very thick book, with the most wonderful pictures and recipes... most people I know love it, but I have heard one blogger say that she doesn't think too much about it.
Enjoy the rest of your Father's Day...xo Kali

corry said...

Your Louis looks real cute helping his dad in those big boots! I wish you will have rain soon and that Julian will feel better soon! gr. Corry