Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I'm not currently blogging

Changes have occurred in my home.....big changes, exciting changes but time consuming changes. After almost 8 years of being a stay at home mum, I've decided to study with the view of one day getting a job I love. So, a few weeks ago I started doing library studies and I'm absolutely loving it. I sit in my lectures and I feel like I've come home. Library studies brings together my admin skills, my computer skills, my love of finding information and my passion for books altogether in one lovely job. I'm really enjoying it but I'm also finding it very difficult to get my head around being a part time student and a full time mum and so I haven't made anything lately or done any blogging :(

On another note - look what I got for my birthday.......

Isn't she beautiful. David bought it for me from the Classic Bicycle Shop and it's a bike based on the ones made in the 20's, 30's and 40's. It doesn't have gears (you should see me trying to get up the hills around here - hahaha). It's just a beautifully simple rather elegant ladies bike. I try to practice riding every day as it's hard going, but once I get a bit fitter I know it will be a pleasure to ride ;-)

Well, must go, study beckons and as it is a beautiful day I think I will do my reading outside!

Hope you are all happy and well