Saturday, September 27, 2008

gratitude 9

warm saturday mornings


reading, eating icy poles, just lazing around

i'm grateful for those times when you can exist just in the moment.
no time to worry about
or the likes
just to laze
and be warmed by the sun
plenty of time to worry later.

have a great weekend


Bec said...

What a perfect thing to be grateful for. Such Saturday mornings are most wonderful start to the weekend :)

Kris said...

We had a very lazy lovely Saturday morning ourselves. I love school holidays!

jacquie said...

lovin all your gratitude posts. lazy days are the best!

corry said...

Nothing better than a lazy Saterday morning! We also had such lovely weather. I hope your parents have a good stay in Holland.

Rest is not idleness said...

Saturday morning was lovely wasn't it, although it got a bit warmer later in the day. I bet your hubby was a happy man on Saturday arvo with the Hawks winning.
take care

Me said...

Ah yes that's just what they're for aren't they?!

Gina said...

Beautifully written Levin!
dare I mention there would have been a touch of excitement in the afternoon though!! Yay Hawks :D

Mirre said...

That looks blissful indeed!

Poppy and Mei said...

I must get off my bum & shake myself up a bit of gratitude.
I've been a little "Oh-woh-is-me" lately...XXxx