Sunday, September 14, 2008

the 4th thing i am grateful for

sorry - i'm blogging on my laptop and have hardly any photos on here and when i try and search for images i get nothing - not sure why but i can't see the images.'s another wordy post rather than a photoy post.

today i am grateful for libraries - in particular my local library. i have to confess i'm a bit of a shopaholic with a very limited income. about 10 years ago i discovered that libraries are a good way to feel like you are 'shopping' without having to fork out money. bliss - of course it helps that i love, love, love books. so, many a weekend is spent poring (is that the right spelling) over books at the library and looking for great reads, sources of inspiration as well as finding books that are just pretty to look at. and the best thing is that if you don't like the book, well you can just return it but, if you really, really like the book - well you can go right out and buy it!

my library is full of very helpful staff, including my gorgeous and talented niece, madi. if i want a book and they don't have it, they will try their hardest to get it in from some other library from within the state. amazing!!!!!we went to the library yesterday and i got 20 children's books as well as some books for david and i. so, on that note, i'm off to read!



Rest is not idleness said...

I'm with you there on the library, I'm on a limited income too and it really satisfies that spending urge, without the spending.

Jenny said...

Have to love the library! They are the greatest of places for sure:)

Annemariesquilt said...

You are realy smart picking up on service that are free, and yes books are lovely.
I use the liberary at lot myself, but mostly I am sewing.
Take care ..

Gina said...

You're so right Levin..I've been spending more time in our wonderful library with the girls..and we lug home oodles of books..just have to get in the habit of returning mine on time..or else I will go broke with overdue fees LOL.. I've been reading Katy Reich's books while sick..very enjoyable :D Gx

Kris said...

I love our local library too. It's great for books and magazines. Our library also has an amazing variety of dvds. I have found it really helpful to try dvds out from the library before I buy them. It has saved me from lots of regret and disappointment. We also make good use of the large audio book range. The kids and I really enjoy listening to a book while we are sewing and creating.

XUE said...

It is always great to have "connections" especially in a library or a bookshop! And I am looking at pics of yr sewing area!