Friday, September 26, 2008

gratitude 8

today i am grateful for presents - big ones, small ones and all the ones in between.

a few weeks ago i met leanne for coffee at cibo's where she presented me with this:-

isn't it beautiful. i have to say, i am in awe of her skills - something for me to aspire to! not only is it beautifully made but she has stitched a gorgeous design on everything.

and it was filled with goodies too.

one of them i had to retrieve from emily's room as she feels i have way too many pincushions and she could do with one of her own. to be honest, i was happy to share with her (although she did get her own present!!)

but, i'm sorry to say leanne, that much as i adore your present - the best present of all is when louis snuggles up to me and tells me he has a present for me and gives me a great big kiss. that's one of the best presents of all.



Rest is not idleness said...

They are all truly lovely, I love the hexagon pincushion, if it were mine I don't think I would use it as a pincushion, I would just have it look at and admire.
You had a really good swap.
take care

May Kristin said...

Leanne really made some beautiful things for you!

Kris said...

"Getting" is really nice, isn't it? Leanne makes beautiful things!

nicolette said...

Lovely presents from Leanne’s hands!!

Me said...

Oh this is lovely....the time put in, the detail and design.....just gorgeous! This is something I would be incredibly grateful for too. I am enjoying your series very much.

corry said...

What a wonderful presents, lucky you! My compliments to Leanne!

Leanne said...

I agree cuddles are the very best present....cherish all that you get because before to long he will be all grown up and the cuddles get less and less.

Christine said...

Beautiful gifts. You are so lucky. That pincushion is gorgeous. I can see why Emily wants it.