Monday, September 22, 2008

gratitude 7

today i am grateful for quilting. for my wonderful teacher who taught me how to quilt, for my wonderful family for giving me time to quilt this weekend and for my friends and family who have made it possible to go to quilting lessons. i am very, very grateful as i really love doing it and i really love the satisfaction i get from it.

i spent sunday finishing off the quilt that i started ages ago.

as you can see, i decided to go with the sashing as when i had finished off all my blocks and put them together i realised that it would be really hard to match those points together. once the top was together though, i really liked the effect and i'm very happy with it. i'm sorry about the photo - i tried to rotate it, but it didn't work. hmmm

So, the next big question is, should i put a border around it or just bind it. unfortuantely i won't be able to get anymore of the blues that are used in this quilt and i thought that rather than matching another blue, i would perhaps try and pick up a soft green that's in some of the fabrics (see below - oooh and don't look too closely at the sewing as my points still don't match).

so, once again, it's over to you out there to tell me what you think - border or no border - blue border or green border???



Lisa said...

I love it, the sashing looks fabulous. White border and striped binding is my suggestion. It will appear that your blocks are floating on a sea of white. Even white binding would look great too. You were a lucky girl getting to work on your quilt yesterday! I'm jealous.

corry said...

Your quilttop looks fabulous! The sashing works really well and I suggest first a small strip blue next to a strip of the striped fabric for the border. For the binding I suggest the striped fabric. I'm sure you make this quilt to a beautiful finish, with or without a border!

Deb said...

That quilt is looking fabulous, clever old you!! I like the idea of sticking to the striped binding with white border also. Very soft.

Jodie said...

Oh I am hopeles so I won't make a suggestion but I do think that blue with the circles is available at my local patchwork shop, if you need it.

Gina said...

It looks really beautiful! Sounds like some great suggestions here already:D Best of luck finishing it off..oh and I love your craft much character in timber :D

Kris said...

Wow! That's beautiful. It's looking great! I'm really enjoying your gratitude series. It makes me realise just how blessed I am too.

mixtapezine said...

love gratitude lists, they are very important to me

hey great work on your quilt, see you are crafty!!!

Rest is not idleness said...

I love that paisley fabric. I think the striped binding would look lovely.
take care

emma said...

It's beautiful Levin. Aren't quilts the worst thing to photograph?!x

Anonymous said...