Saturday, September 13, 2008

gratitude 3

today i'm grateful for warm spring days.
we've just come out of, what seemed to me to be, the coldest winter ever! but we've had a few beautifully warm sunny days and today was just perfect. it was a lovely warm 28C - perfect for washing the sheets and bedding. but it gets even better as i didn't wash my sheets - david did! i love that tonight i will slip between fresh, clean, sun dried sheets that will smell a little of spring.
i'm also grateful for the beautiful smell of jasmine that is carried on the warm spring breeze today - we are lucky to be inundated with jasmine at the moment. i also have a vase of sweet peas (my mum and oma's favourite flower) in the hallway - so i can smell spring everytime i walk up the hallway! isn't life great!!!


quiltygal said...

Hi Levin
How are you thanks for the nice comments the material in the zip bag is an old Debbie mumm one I have held onto the last bit for ages but I am happy I used it now:) the other is new got it this week from the material shop behind Castle Plaza got some good stuff there & nothing over $16 a metre that I saw.... loved reading your gratitude posts very apt lovely day today but meant to rain tomorrow still we can still use it so shant complain plus if it rains tomorrow its a good excuse to sit & sew:)

Jenny said...

Yes indeed! You can't go wrong with fresh sheets, jasmine and sweet peas-what a lovely combination!

freefalling said...

It was SUCH a beautiful day yesterday - I had the doona out on the Hills Hoist blowing in the breeze.
oh sweet peas - memories of childhood - I must grow some next year.
Our jasmine isn't out JUST yet - give it another week I reckon.

Lorraine said...

Hi Levin....I just love sweet peas and usually grow some but didn't put any in this year...Mum always grew sweet peas and their perfume always takes me back to my childhood...which is good as it was a happy one!! Our Jasmine isn't quite out yet either...soon tho....enjoy the spring weather....!