Sunday, October 28, 2007

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String.....

Well, maybe not, but a nice big envelope with lots of lovely stamps all the way from Holland with a present for me inside!

Corry had posted about the 'moo cards' she had received in the mail that day and in the comments I asked her what they are (still being new to blogland). Anyway, she offered to send me some.

And, she also sent me this lovely bag that she had made which I not only use for shopping, but I have also used for inspiration (see post below).

And she made a lovely card as well - how lucky was I?

It was so nice to get a parcel in the mail - much nicer than bills! Thank you so much Corry, every time I look at the bag I feel happy!

On the crafting front, I am trying very hard to line my recently felted bag and am having difficulties - so, I wont be posting about it this weekend. We have also had a busy weekend, so not much time for crafting :(

But the good thing, we are having a nice weekend. On Friday night we went to Cafe Komodo to listen to Vincents Chair. We had a lovely night - the atmosphere was great, the music was great and the kids had a lovely time too! We might just have to make this a regular outing and I would urge others in Adelaide or visitors to Adelaide to have a look -buy a cocktail and sit back and relax.



de vliegende koe said...

Parcels and envelopes with gifts, those are the days! Corry did send you some wondergul things. I’m working on my moo cards. I see you are 8,5 hours later now. We went back to Wintertime today!

Madeleine said...

...These are a few of our favourite things! So are cocktails and quiet jazz - Kathie is quite talented at what she does!

I can't believe how quickly the weekend flew by, especially with daylight saving robbing me of an hour!! Summer really is coming now

corry said...

Yuo are very much welcome! I really like to see your felted bag when it's ready!

Kathryn said...

I've just come across this from Nic's blog...saw your pics of Mt Gambier - where I live! Love your craft - very inspiring!

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi, you know i have a thing about moo cards too, everytime i get one i save it, they are so cute. Great bag !
Sarah x

Kali said...

I've been wanting to treat myself to some Moo cards for ages, but as always am always slow. LOL
What a lovely package you received from Corry :)

freefalling said...

What exactly are moo cards?
I just caught up on all your holiday posts - Shame you didn't make it onto the Otway Fly (it is quite expensive, isn't it?). One day I'll do a post on me climbing that tower of terror!
You copped some magnificent, wild Vic weather on your trip - makes you feel alive, doesn't it? Loved the giant lobster - I've just done a post on a giant sheep - I'm not quite sure what it is about us Australians that we feel the need to giantify everything!