Friday, October 5, 2007

We're taking a break.............

whilst we go on H O L I D A Y !!!

We're off to Melbourne for a few days, followed by a long leisurely trip home via the Great Ocean Road - stopping at Apollo Bay, Port Fairy and Kingston, before returning home.

Before we leave, I thought I would show you Em's latest creation that she made from 'Softies', a great book we bought a few weeks ago.

She had lots of fun making it and is very happy with the result!

I haven't made anything lately - I have been all consumed with washing and packing and cleaning before we go away. I have been trying to make granny squares and I must confess that I have started a new bag as well - I'm hoping that the squares and the bag will be finished by the time we get back. Here's hoping!

By the way, after checking a website I discovered that you cannot take crochet hooks on planes - not even big fat ones - so I won't be crocheting my way to Melbourne - but I will still be having fun on the plane as it is Em, Julian & Louis' first plane trip and they will all be very excited - gotta love being a kid!

Till next week,
Take care,



corry said...

Have a great holiday! It sounds like you're going to some wonderful places! That softie is so cute,I've to go look for that book!

Mirre said...

Have a wonderful trip together!!

de vliegende koe said...

Enjoy your holiday and the softie Emily made is great!

pink-petal-designs said...

Have fun !!
Sarah x

freefalling said...

How exciting!!!
I lerve, lerve, lerve Apollo Bay.
When I become wealthy(?) I would like to buy a place right on the water there. You know not far from there is the Otway Fly - you know, one of those boardwalks high, high up in the trees.
And I lerve Port Fairy too - it always feels like it belongs in England!
But I've never been to Kingston- so can't wait to see your photos from there.
Have fun in Melbourne.
(Must make mental note to self - no crochet hooks on planes).

Cosy said...

Have a lovely holiday! Love the softie too.

Leanne said...

Have a great holiday.
Hey Emily I love that softie.

monique said...

I hope that you will have a great holiday!

The softie that Emily made is very nice.

Kali said...

Great softie Emily!
I hope you guys all have a wonderful adventure on your trip away, visiting all those great places.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
xo Kali