Thursday, October 25, 2007

Louis Starts Kindy!

This is little Louis - four months old.

This is cheeky Louis in Summer 07

Louis started kindy last week.
He was not looking forward to it.
Louis is shy.
Aggressively shy.
He gets angry if strange people try and talk to him.

So, as you can imagine, I wasn't particularly looking forward to him starting kindy either. I had images of him trying to escape, or hiding, or crying and not being able to be consoled by the kindy teachers because he was too scared of them. But, he did really well. He spent the whole two hours there and he quite liked it. He was really, really proud of himself - and we were proud of him too. I wasn't sure if I should leave him or stay with him so I called the kindy and they told me to leave him for a while and then check to see how he was going. So we did. We came back after an hour and he was happy to stay until the end! Perfect.

On the weekend, to celebrate, I made him a library bag so he can borrow books from kindy. He's very happy with it - and I enjoyed making it. Thanks should go to Corry from Dutch Blue, for her ingenious bag! So simple to make and yet so effective.

Here's mine

Made with the lovely Dick and Jane fabric from Michael Miller Fabrics. And yes, I'm old enough to remember the reader!!!

I'm starting to craft again after the chaos of the holidays. This is my latest bag to felt:-

I will hopefully post the finished product soon. My friend and I are hoping to have a market stall one day so we are busy making things - bags, brooches, whatever we can think of. It was our intention to have a stall just before Christmas, but I have a funny feeling that it's just not going to happen - seeing as I only have two bags to sell at this stage. Perhaps an autumn stall??? With lots of beanies and scarves and matching bags?



de vliegende koe said...

Your gorgeous little boy is growing up. Good for him to stay two hours! I love the bag, and Dick is a common Dutch name for a boy!!!!

corry said...

I'm glad Louis first day at kindy went well. It's always so exciting "the first day"! I remember my childrens first day like it was yesterday, the house felt so empty and quiet! I could hardly wait until it was time to pick them up again. I love the bag...great job!

Leanne said...

I'm glad Louis enjoyed his time at kindy it can be such an overwhelming time. Love the bag I remember Dick and Jane well!!!!!

nicnac said...

I LOVE this bag just as it is!!! Stunning colour combo! Can't wait to see it felted.

Jenny said...

I hope Louis continues to enjoy kindy-it is a big step. I love the bag you made for him and the bag ready to felt will be a special one.

luv Abby said...

oh well done Louis....
I love the bag also... great job.
luv Abby

Madeleine said...

He is such a brave boy, but so are you! Leaving him there when you were feeling so anxious for him - I can't imagine how hard that must have been.

The bag is looking fantastic, and I can't wait to see it all finished with handles and a toggle :)

Meggy said...

Good for Louis, he did it. I feel for boys as apparently they take alot longer than girls to settle in to Kindy. After 3 girls heading off without a concern my darling son wrapped his arms around me and threatened to never let go. he did, finally and loved it after the event. It took 6 weeks though, hell and plenty of tears.

Kali said...

Oh my gosh ~ what a cutie pie little Louis is!
I'm so glad that he was so brave and enjoyed the start of his schooling years!