Saturday, October 13, 2007

We're back...............

Wow - what a week. This was our first real holiday since, well, since I don't know when. We've had a couple of short trips away, but this was a big holiday and it was f a n t a s t i c.... I want to post about the whole holiday, but I think it's best if I break it down into sections. We started off in Melbourne - which is a great city, but I wont post about it as I didn't get too many photos. I don't think I was as impressed with Melbourne as I was with the Great Ocean Road.

I can't begin to stress how wonderful the Great Ocean Road is. Anyone who lives in Australia should do the trip at least once and even those from overseas should come and drive it - it is absolutely bloody beautiful. My photos will not do it justice but here are a few.

This is the beach at Torquay, where we had lunch. Torquay is a very famous surfing spot in Victoria - I can imagine it would be very busy in Summer - but I found it beautiful enough on a rather cold spring day and after the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, I was happy to go somewhere a little quieter.

From here we drove through Lorne (I really wish we had stopped here) and then on to Apollo Bay which is another lovely seaside town. We stayed the night at Apollo Bay in a lovely caravan park. We had fabulous take-away food (I do love not having to cook) and then came back to our cabin to catch up on a little sleep. It rained during the night - anyone who has been or is going through a drought, would understand what a beautiful sound rain is.

The above photo was the view from the caravan park - the hills were beautiful to look at. Below is a photo of us at the beach - it was cold, and threatening rain - but still wonderful. It took the boys about three minutes to get wet, and only a couple more to get most of their clothes off! It must have been freezing!!!

The next day we travelled further along the Great Ocean Road. Up until Apollo Bay, the scenery was mainly coastal. Once you pass Apollo bay, you start to hit the rain forest section which is simply breathtaking. We stopped at a few places along the way - this one, Mait's Rest was just beautiful and reminded me so much of the walks we used to do when I was a child.

I will stop here and post more about the trip soon. I really have to start getting the washing organised and generally unpacking and putting things away :(
I've missed blogging and reading blogs - I hope to catch up with everyone over the next couple of days.



corry said...

Welcome back! The pictures are great. It really sounds like you all had a wonderful time! If I ever visit Australia I'll sure want to drive the great ocean road!

freefalling said...

Aren't holidays great?
So glad yours lived up to your expectations and that you had a wonderful time!
Did you drive through Nelson - I've always wanted to visit there.
What about Robe - did you go there?
Can't wait to hear about all you did.

de vliegende koe said...

Welcome back! Thanks for sharing some of Australia’s beauty! How long is the Great Ocean Road? It sounds wonderful and I will be back to see your other photos!

Kali said...

Welcome back!
I'll be back tomorrow to have a catchup and read your post properly as I'm off to bed now.
I'm glad you had a fantastic time.
Good Night, xo Kali

monique said...

Good to see you back and that you had such a nice vacation.
The photo's are great!