Friday, November 23, 2007

Storms and cubbies

After almost two weeks of very warm - one could say hot - weather, a cool change blew in. Unfortunately it blew in a little too hard and the result was this:-

It was such a waste! Poor David - he had lots of seedlings and indoor plants (recovering from being indoor plants I should say) in there. Unfortunately it's beyond repair :(

The cool change also brought a little rain. I was doing housework inside when I realised that I had not heard from Louis for a little while. I found him outside.....

He was having a lovely time, singing and chatting to himself and keeping those whole 18 drops of rain off him!

I left him waiting for more rain - it would have been nice if it had rained more, but unfortunately it was not to be.

On the crafting front, I have made a couple more bags which I will post about later. Things are hectic at the moment - the year is coming to and end - I don't think I'm the only slack blogger out there though????



de vliegende koe said...

What a shame, all the plants ruined. I finally get things done by less blogging and less commenting... I know exactly where you come from!

Mirre said...

That's one happy umbrella!
I'll send some rain your way!

freefalling said...

Man that must have been a pretty mean wind!
I feel sorry for David - all that tender care wasted!
We recently came up to the country house and found our spouting dislodged and hanging in the big camellia tree.
I like that the skateboard is under the umbrella too! That skateboard is nearly as big as Louis.

corry said...

You have a small version of Gene Kelly from the movie "singin in the rain" in your garden. I hope for him more rain next time! Sorry the wind ruined all your plants!

karenjane said...

i love the photo of louis sitting in the doorway with that huge umbrella!!! poor you guys loosing all your plants:( i forgot to take down our sun unbrella (which was being used for the first time ever) and the wind broke one of its arms, so i too am angry at the wind (ok so more so at myself!!:(

Angela-Brambleberries said...

We'll have to send some rain your way we have plenty of it here. I just found your blog today and have spent a good while browsing... I love your bags!!

Angela xx

Gina said...

Sorry about the wind damage :O(. I know what you mean about the lack of rain, we need some badly too..had several bushfires last week here..Lovely photos of your little one with the umbrella!

Angela-Brambleberries said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog, I know what you mean about noisy we are trying to tech our little one the difference between indoor and outdoor voices and that the loudest one does not necessarily get listened to first!!

Angela xx

luv Abby said...

ohhh my... your poor plants...
great umbrella shots though... hehe
luv Abby

Becky-Dee said...

No you are definately not the only one! I have been a little slck on the blogging front too! Cute umbrella!

Madeleine said...

Has Jani seen those pics? I bet she'll love to see the umbrella being used!

David will recover from the damage though - you just need to find the right distractions!

And thanks for your help with the bag today - who knew I'd ever get around to finishing it ;)

Lisa said...

What a disaster for David. If we only lived closer I would share my seedlings with you guys.

I have always wanted one of those happy umbrella's....oops cubby! Love the cheeky little face under it. Louis would get on fabulously with my teenage skater boy.