Saturday, November 3, 2007

Afternoon Tea

Once upon a time I used to do lots and lots of baking - it was so much fun. Now, I only bake for special occasions and today David's sister and her family are coming over, so we have a (hopefully) lovely lemon yoghurt cake for afternoon tea.

Oh - and I finally managed to finish the bag - yipee. Well, almost - I have to buy a wooden toggle for it - but that means going into town which is a bit of a hassle.

And, on Friday I felted another bag which now just needs to be lined and have the handles put on. Maybe, just maybe, I could do a stall before Christmas after all!

In between this, I've managed to make a few more granny squares so I might just get my blanket finished before next winter! Here's hoping.


ps the cake was delicious - so easy to make and not too decadent - perfect :)


Mirre said...

I really like the cheerful colours of your bag!
The cake looks delicious!

Lisa said...

Will you share your cake recipe, my kids love anything lemony?? Your bags look great, maybe I should try crocheting some too!

luv Abby said...

ohhh I love your felting... great job.
luv Abby

Gina said...

Such beautiful bags you have made!! And that cake looks divine :O)

corry said...

Your bags look fabulous! The first one is so colorful! Mmhmm...the cake looks delicious too!

Jelly Wares said...

Oohhh... That cake sounds yummy!!! I'm sure it was thouroghly enjoyed by your guests!!! The bags look great and looking forward to seeing the finished blanket.


emma said...

yummy cake and yummy bags!

karenjane said...

hey levin, that cake looks good! ive just started a blog ( mum said you were keen to see my quilt which is on it so check it out:) love seing your blog, it makes me not feel so far away!! xoxo karen

Heleen said...

I love Your felted bags!!! I would like to taste your cake it looks tasty!

Jenny said...

Your bags are looking fantastic-you have been busy! I am glad your cake turned out it looks yummy.