Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I hadn't realised it had been a week since I last posted! I have been quite busy - mainly reading blogs and catching up on emails - but that's no excuse really!

I've had a very productive weekend. Today I re-arranged my lounge room to it's summer position. We have a winter room and a summer room - one that takes advantage of the heater and one the air-conditioner. Next week it is supposed to get to 36C degrees so I thought it was time to change it around again. It's always good to do as everything gets a good sorting and dusting etc...

Yesterday I managed to sew the bag that I had cut out ages ago. It never ceases to amaze me that if I follow the instructions properly I can actually make something beautiful. It's such a wonderful feeling. Anyway, here's my latest bag:-

I appliqued the flower on and found an old (or should say, vintage) button from my mother's button collection which she kindly donated to me.

I used denim and some really cute fabric that Em and I found at Spotlight one day. It was one of those quick shopping trips where I just needed to buy one ball of wool and I came out with a little more than that! The bag was so much fun to do - I want to make more now! Lots, lots more.

On another note, one of the biggest novelties in our household is picking carrots. Last weekend I made vegetable soup and I asked if anyone could pick me a carrot - they came running out as fast as they could.

On the same night I asked if anyone could set the table............can you hear the silence?
No enthusiasm there.


ps my lovely and talented niece, karen, has just set up a blog - please drop in and visit her blog and perhaps leave a comment. i find the comments really inspire you to blog more!


Mirre said...

Lovely new bag & jealous of your carrots!

luv Abby said...

ohh lovely... great job on the bag.
luv Abby

Lisa said...

Your boys are so cute picking carrots, lots of carrot cake coming up.

The bag has turned out beautifully, you are very talented, just keep on sewing!

corry said...

Love the bag, it turned out great! I like the fabric you used for the flower and the lining.
Now I go to meet your niece!
:) Corry

monique said...

What a lovely bag you have made!
Great photo's of your boys picking carrots.
Now I'm going to visit your niece.

monique said...

Hi, here I am again.
I have been tagged and now I have tagged you. You can take a look at my blog to see what it's about.
If you don't want to play along you don't have to off course. It's just for fun.
Take care,

de vliegende koe said...

The bags looks wonderful! A Summer- and a Winterroom, that sounds great!

Anonymous said...

your bag is so gorgeous, love your blog!

Jelly Wares said...

Gorgeous bag... Isn't Spotlight getting some beautiful fabrics in now? Home grown veg, you really are a good house wife now aren't you? Keep up the great work...


freefalling said...

Oh - I've missed some of your posts!
I didn't see the cake one til now!
Cake is my favourite food in the world and that lemon yoghurt cake looks divine!!

Now... what is it you do with all these bags? Do you give them away to friends & family or do you sell them?
Love the lining fabric on this one!

Not looking forward to 36degrees!
You guys usually get it first then it hits here! Toooooo hot!

Jenny said...

Too hot for me too! Love your bag and we are not having much luck with our carrots. What is your secret?