Friday, January 14, 2011

Holiday Craft

Come holiday time, it can sometimes be difficult to find things to do with the kids but today the boys are being very industrious.
Louis is using fabric scraps to cover a box that he painted a few years ago. The box is still good, but as he likes to point out "the painting isn't that good, cause I did it when I was a kid".....I'm not sure where he sees himself in the scheme of things, but in my eyes he's definitely not an adult. Although he regularly disagrees - as far as he's concerned he can do whatever he wants to......hmmm
Anyway, back to the post - he's using the scraps from the Japanese quilt I made him. He's taking his time and being quite meticulous. Once it's covered we are going to lacquer it.
Julian has slowly been collecting Scheich knights and last week he bought this dragon. As we all know, every dragon should have a cave so he started making one and is now sitting down to paint it :)

Which means I have time to get on the computer and blog about it and then hopefully I will also have enough time to pin my table runner together so I can start quilting today - yipee! That will mean another project of many ufo's I seem to have stashed everywhere.....that's the trouble with spring cleaning - it unearths a multitude of sins ;-)


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Mary Welsh Hubbard said...

that fabric covered box is crazy awesome! Do you hire him out? lol.

karen said...

both of their projects look great. Louis is a funny guy (a better call him a guy not a kid incase he reads this he he:)

Anonymous said...

sitting there the two of them, it looks as if they really know what they are doing. Louis box looks even professional especially to somebody like me who has two left hands. and is not that dragon lucky that he can sleep dry tonight?How is Julians knitting going ?

Kris said...

Good day!

Jenny said...

Loks like fun at your house:)

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Cute! Looks like they are having a lot of fun - I can't wait until my girls are old enough to do things like this.

tea with lucy said...

Yay for junior crafting!

That box case looks so fantastic.


Leanne said...

Oh I had forgotten those days of children crafting. They look very industrious though. Love that dragons cave.

Kaia said...

Hi Levin :) Thanks for commenting on my blog, gives me a little thrill i see somebody new has been to see! Wow, i would love to be able to find some caterpillars so that Callum could watch the cycle for real. nature sure is amazing. I like your blog, just saw the caterpillar post and your very cool chook home :) Happy blogging xo

Anne said...

Louis my son name too...:)

I love the material that he is using on his box.

Jelly Wares said...

I love the fabric that Louis is using for the box, just gorgeous!!!

You sure do have 2 very clever boys there..

Hugs - Jodie :)

Clara said...

Great work!!! They look so busy and very interesting in what they're doing! My son too tells me "I'm not a child anymore, mum" but he's just 13!!! I think he will be my child forever! And my daughter too.
Love the table runner with the hearts. Enjoy your week, Clara.

Vic said...

What a nice post, it's so great to see some strapping young lads getting their craft on!

Carolyn said...

Their projects look great! Love that dragons cave.

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