Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little time for us

After 16 years, David felt it was time for a little holiday on our own. This was inspired by the fact that David has just started a new job and for a little while (we hope) he will be doing lots of hours. Having children spread out over a few years meant that we never really got to have a break on our own. Not that we minded really - but I guess the time was right for us to finally have a weekend away together - just the two of us. The only small problem was that the weekend in question was right in the middle of the holidays, right on a long weekend :(

But, with a bit of negotiating and a lot of determination, we managed to find some accommodation for Thursday and Friday night instead (luckily David didn't have to work on Friday).
Thursday was busy - not only was I packing for the boys, who were going to my mother's for a night and my sister's for a night, I was also packing for us - AND I had also offered to look after not one but four other boys - which in the end meant that I had 7 boys under 10 in my house (the neighbour's boy decided to get in on the action too). Not that I minded - they all got on so well that it actually worked out to be a blessing (much better than having my boys continuously asking if it was nearly time to go yet.....).
 In my haste I forgot to pack my camera, so you will have to put up with my terrible phone pictures and you will have to trust me when I say it was wonderful. We stayed at The Vintage - which was absolutely beautiful- in the library suite (because that's what I'm going to be one day - a librarian). I loved all the books on the shelves - so pretty - and I didn't really bother with reading the books - I just gazed at all the different titles - finding treasures everywhere.
the view from the front of the house
the entrance hall
the Picasso print which I really liked
We had a two lovely days of long conversations that were never interrupted, long moments of sitting in companionable silence - reading, knitting, we visited galleries where we didn't have to worry about the kids breaking things, touching things and we ate under the stars, with a gorgeous glass of 'just bought' red and some lovely takeaway. But most importantly, we packed up on Saturday morning feeling happy and eager to get back to our family.

The lounge room (it was so lovely to recline on the chair and read)

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clare's craftroom said...

It sounds like a lovely getaway ! Funny my husband who is also called David has been saying we need to do exactly this .

Clara said...

I exactly understand what you mean! The first time my husband suggested me to have a few days on our own, I answered "you must be crazy, I don't want to leave the children".... Well, from that first time ( a lovely 4 days stay in London) we've done it again some other times and it's .... renovating!!!!
Take care, Clara.

Pip at Rest is not idleness said...

Looks nice, it is always hard to tell just from the photos but you obviously enjoyed it so it must be good, maybe I should email the link to my husband, just as a little hint of course.

Lilian said...

How nice! Did you actually bring david with, he's not in any of the photos! That would have been a lovely weekend xxx

dutch sisters said...

What a nice place to stay, sounds like you both had a lovely time.

karen said...

wow the place you stayed at looks gorgeous!

Annemariesquilt said...

I am so happy for you and it so nice to hear that had a lovely time.
7 boys under 10 , well I would last about 5 min ;-)) You are good!!

Kris said...

It is nice to get away together. I would never hear of it for a long time, but then the baby grew up a bit and we actually did it. It is rejuvenating!

Jantine said...

That was a much deserved break! The room with all the books is appealing to me!

Leanne said...

It sounds wonderful. It is great to have time without the children, you appreciate silence so much more.

Mary said...

it sounds fabulous!