Sunday, June 1, 2008


Last weekend I decided that as Emily was much better we would have a lovely weekend doing lots of things. Then Louis woke up on Saturday night and crept into bed with a fever. He woke on Sunday morning with a sore throat and headache and was very, very poorly.
Later that morning, Julian got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction - so it was off to doctors, chemists and home again where he rested. In the late afternoon he complained of feeling cold and tired. Yep, he had a fever too.

Convalescing on the Couch

So, my week has consisted of doing the absolute basics in the house and lots of nursing. Julian, much to his disgust, was fit for school on Thursday, but Louis only really started to get better yesterday.

Guess who woke up this morning with a sore throat and a headache????

And the question that begs to be asked - "Who is going to nurse me?????"

On to better things though. I did managed to do a bit more quilting.

I've actually managed to sew my binding on to the quilt and now I am hand stitching - which may take a couple of nights but I actually find I like doing it. I never realised how soothing hand sewing is.

Before they got sick, we managed to get out to the shops as both the boys had a bit of money to spend. Julian bought himself some Indiana Jones Lego which he's had much fun with. He's also become Indiana Jones himself, and is forever jumping off things and swinging on things and dodging imaginary obstacles. I'm not sure if the furniture is going to survive.

Louis got himself a beautiful red scooter which should do him until he can get his much longed for, very fast, red mazda. The good news is that Julian is now allowed to use his scooter again. The bad news is that Louis insists on scooting all the time - both inside and outside the house. I'm forever getting my feet run over by the thing and tripping over it too.

Well, I'm off to convalesce - perhaps with a nice cup of coffee and a freshly baked muffin?

Hope you all have a good week.


quiltygal said...

Yes funny how we always nurse them but then when we are sick ??? I can be sick for only 3 days, pizza,fish&chips & baked beans!! then its back to the kitchen:))
snuggle down in a quilt it always makes you feel better

Bird Bath said...

oh no...Hope you're on the mend soon. Looks like the boys made some excellent choices with thier toys. So Red scooters must go fastest?right? Oh and the lego keeps my kids amused for hours too. I've just discovered a girls version 'Belville' which they adore.

Jacquie said...

Goodness, sounds like you need someone to serve you the coffee and muffin. Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

karenjane said...

hey, glad the boys are feeling better, hope you dont get too sick!!! mum informed me that your coming over tomorrow, i hope your well enough. i want to go down and get quilt fabrics(im sure that will make you feel much better!) hope to see you tomorrow xo

Sarahs Home said...

Sorry to hear that you have all been unwell but glad to hear that Emily is feelig better. I wil email you soon.

Sarah x

nicolette said...

Hope you will all feel better soon!!
It looks like there’s a worldwide flue going on.
I’ve been under the wheather the last week, alone at home. I’m glad my DH is taking care of me during the weekend.

Chookyblue...... said...

hope you are feeling better.....get into that

Jenny said...

Hope you are on the mend and the hand quilting continues to soothe

Lisa said...

Mums don't have time to get poor thing. Take your paracetemol and soldier on, and if you find yourself home alone REST! I want to see a photo of that gorgeous jelly roll quilt. Hand sewing is very therapeutic.........maybe I can send you some of mine??

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh my..... its always the way who heals the healer?? Hope you are feeling better soon.
WOW-O-WOW what a super cool new scooter.....

Blossom said...

hugs to all..being sick is NOT fun......
as for mums being sick...well we just keep on going eh????


Me said...

Oh laid plans huh? Mum's just soldier on don't they?
I hope all are quickly on the mend if not mended.
Thanks for visiting my blog....I'm glad to have found yours.

Leanne said...

I hope everybody is better now. I love sewing the binding on I think it's because it means the quilt is nearly finished. Tell Louis I have a red mazda but I try not to drive it toooo fast.

Gina said...

So sorry to hear you've all been sick.. I guess one consolation is your didn't come down with it with up and take care! Hope you're feeling back to normal really soon :) Gx