Sunday, March 1, 2009

A wonderland in No man's land

I've had a strong desire to make my own relish for some time now. This seems to be the year that I get myself organised to do all these things that I've been putting off for years. I'm often beaten by my 'it's too hard' mentality and I'm sick of it :)
So, this morning we headed off early (ok it was just after 9.00am) to the Torrens Island Market. It's an amazing place - it almost seems like it's been plonked in the middle of nowhere. I'm pretty sure that at the end of the day there is very little evidence of it but when we turned up it was a hive of activity.
We got some bargains, and I scored a box of tomatoes for $10 - there must be at least 10kilos there. That's going to make an awful lot of relish.

Jani and the boys at the stalls.

The markets are right near the sea - making it a lovely spot to just sit and watch.

So, tonight once we get home from a birthday party, I will have to skin that 10kilo of tomatoes and tomorrow I will relish the experience of making my own relish!
So, if you live in Adelaide and you love a fruit and veg (and fresh fish) bargain - head on down. They are on every Sunday from 6.00am until 1.00pm.



Deb said...

I can't believe you are going to have the patience to skin your tomatoes. I love tomato relish but I don't skin them, just accept that the skin is part of the relish. I don't make it very often sadly as DH doen't like things with vinegar in it-told him he needs to build a bridge and get over it!

Rest is not idleness said...

I second that as well, although I made tomato relish last weekend and skinned them, but only a small batch - 3 jars worth. You might like to try Zucchini Relish, link to recipe:
it is fairly easy and isn't very labour intensive.
Good luck with the tomato relish

Leanne said...

It is an amazing place I haven't been for ages I only said to Gemma yesterday we must go one day. Good luck with the relish.

Leanne said...

Mmm relish...I lurve relish....good for you Levin!

My Love is..... said...

YUM.... what a great way to spend a sunday at the markets by the sea.

Puck said...

lovely Levien I am trying again I like especially all the comments you got stop now see if i was lucky love mum

Madi said...

I miss our lazy days of reading, playing with the boys, strolling to the shops or the library, but I especially miss your cheese and chutney toasted sandwiches!

With the new hours being set up in Records, I may have to indulge in a few more guilt-free 'Mental Health' days...

karenjane said...

yum sounds so good! ill definately come over for cheese and relish toasties one day, sounds perfect for cool weather. ive given you an award on my blog
madi- go the 'mental health' days. i give you permision to chuck a sickie, i wont tell any one, i promise!!

emma said...

good luch with the relish levin. I've been thinking I'd like to make my own too, we keep getting given jars by various people, but they always seem to contain at least one ingredient that I'm not so keen on!

Jelly Wares said...

Good luck with the relish making... Can't wait to check back in to see how it all goes for you...

Take Care
Jodie :)

CONNY said...

you are right it is my first quilt.
Sorry bud the translate programm from google isn't the best. I've startet to make my second quilt. Thank you for fisitng my blog.
Greetings Conny

Amanda said...

How'd the relish go. My Nan made a great relish though I don't think she ever peeled the tomatoes but I could be wrong. She did it with the surplus tomatoes that they grew in the vegi patch