Thursday, August 21, 2008

A very cute giveaway,

With, sorry, not much time left to enter!
I found this giveaway at Gisele's Blog. How cute is this mug??? There are plenty to choose from but this was by far my favourite as I'm a big lover of tea parties!!!

So pop by her blog and have a go - remember - you've got to be in it to win. Although.......if you don't enter, I might just have a better chance of winning! :)



Leanne said...

You know your cutting your chances. LOL

Kris said...

I hope you win Levin! That mug is cute!!!

quiltygal said...

Hio Levin glad to see you back hope all the sickness is the previous post to sash or not what did you decide i would personally go with not like that better plus its less strips to cut:)

Gina said...

I've already done this one.. if I was a tea drinker would have picked's sooo cute! Good luck!