Monday, December 10, 2007

Family traditions

We've developed a habit in summer of getting a pizza on a warm summers evening and heading down to our local golf course. When we get there - we set up a little picnic spot in amongst the trees and sit down and eat together.

After we have eaten, we get out some clubs and have a bit of a hit.

The boys are really getting into it these days - they play a couple of holes.

Apparently I have a beautiful swing. I just need to connect with the ball :(

I have to say, it's a beautiful spot for a picnic and a beautiful place for a stroll :)

And I have to apologise as some of the photos are a little dark but you get the idea!!



Jenny said...

It certainly looks like a lovely spot! At least you have the swing part right! You can only get better!

luv Abby said...

ohhh awesome levin I love days like this....
luv Abby

Lisa said...

What a great idea, good family time and the boys are slowly being introduced to golf. Golf courses are lovely places to walk not so sure the other golfers think you should be there enjoying the peace and quiet but they are so green and lovely.

freefalling said...

oh man, that looks goooooood!
The first photo looks so lush and cool.
What a great tradition.
I wanna come too!

emma said...

We do something similar, grab a pizza or fish and chips and head to a local waterfront park, where the boys can ride their bikes around. It's so relaxing, and easy!