Monday, December 10, 2007


I've been a little slack on the blogging front.

Okay, I've been very slack - it was over a week ago that we put up our new Christmas tree. It was a present from my mum and dad. We used to get real trees but we've ended up with a fake one as it suits us better. At one stage we grew our own in a pot, but it died :(

Anyway - when it comes to Christmas we do it with a bang - lots of decorations, lots of colour and lots of fun. We have so much cramped into my little lounge room! It's become a super cosy room. In fact, when I put the lights on at night, it almost feels like we are in Europe somewhere ensconced in a warm dry room whilst outside the winter rains fall- apart from the sweat dripping down my back as it happens to be 34C at 9.00pm with not a breath of wind!

I still have so much to do!



Madeleine said...

So beautiful! I've hardly done a thing about Christmas yet - I'm to busy working :(

Hopefully I'll catch up with it all this weekend, although the time is already filling up so fast!

Gina said...

Your tree looks so beautiful and the advent calendar is really cute!

luv Abby said...

ohhhh what a beautiful tree.... the kids look mighty proud.
happy holidays...
luv Abby

corry said...

Your christmas tree is wonderful! I love seeing all the christmas decorations on the blogs I visit. It makes me want to start decorating too. I can't imaging how it is to celebrate christmas in the summer!

emma said...

It looks so cosy and inviting!