Friday, January 15, 2010

On being good

One year, when Julian was very young and Emily was about 8, I put all of the Christmas presents under the tree. Emily then proceeded to pick up every present for her, squeeze it, shake it, smell it and then announce what it was. True, she didn't know the title of the book, video etc... but it still seemed a bit disappointing that she knew what she was getting.
As a result, I have not put any presents under the tree until Christmas Eve but this year the boys really wanted me to put them out, they were desperate for me to, they would do anything, they would be really, really, REALLY good.
So I relented - under strict instructions that they were not to touch any of their presents.
Which they didn't, but I did find them like this at one stage - bums up, with their heads firmly planted under the tree, not touching but searching for their presents.
I guess it's all part of the magic of Christmas.
ps - please note that the 15 year old has her head under that tree as well, highlighting that you are never too old for Christmas :)
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Melanie said...

even at my age i still sneak a look to see if i have anything under the tree.... i dont touch tho, coz that would be cheating. lovely post and very much the same goings on as at my house at christmas

clare's craftroom said...

Exactly the reason I don't put mine out until they've all gone to bed , I don't trust mine but can you really blame them !

Emily said...

You can barely even see me in that picture! Way to showcase your favourite daughter Mum!

corry said...

That's so funny! Over here Sinterklaas brings the presents along with him so there is no change for peeking.

Anonymous said...

lol.... my head would be there as well!

Karen said...

Great photo!!

I can see you Emily ;)

Levin you must come for a sewing visit soon, I've been off-line with a dead computer for a couple of weeks...just got your message about the shorts.

Mary said...

I love that photo. I have to keep all packages sealed in boxes with packing tape to keep the kids out of them. And my kids get very upset if I put ANY gifts under the tree before they go to bed on Christmas Eve.

Leanne said...

Ha! How this makes me giggle...I did the exact same thing as a child.

Kris said...

Love this post! I saw a sign at one of the Christmas shops that said, "Be naughty - save Santa the trip". I thought that was funny. And if you think about it, probably the best thing to do! After all, Santa's not getting any younger.

Annemariesquilt said...

How sweet are they..
I loved your telling!

Leanne said...

Cute to keep.