Sunday, March 9, 2008

We're having a heatwave.....a tropical heatwave

well, not so much of the tropical - more like a very dry, stick your head in a fan forced oven type heatwave. i'm not coping. i would take photos but you'd just get pictures of blinding white light. on a positive note, we went to the beach this morning and it was pure bliss - so cool, so refreshing - just what I needed. it's times like this that i really, really, really wish i had a swimming pool.

okay - enough complaining!

on wednesday i went to my first quilting class at hettie's patch and i loved it. the teacher is really sweet and very helpful. i think there were some nice ladies there but to be honest i was so stressed when i was cutting and sewing that i really couldn't make small talk. we'll leave the getting to know you business for when i make my second quilt. so tell me, do you ever get over the fear of cutting?

anyway, i got half of my centre done in the class and i finished the rest at home and this is what i've got so far.......

and here it is draped over a chair.

i have to admit that i absolutely love it - which is a good thing as i have to live with it. mind you, it is by no means perfect - but it's good enough for me.

on friday night i gave emily her first cutting lesson and she has cut her pieces for the centre of her quilt.

she hasn't started sewing yet - but no doubt she will start soon.

i've almost finished my bunny for my easter swap. i like it, but my sewing and especially my hand sewing skills are pretty poor. it looks like a bunny though which is pretty good?????
now i have to make a card. i'm really not a card maker, but i'll give it a try.

okay, i'm off to the only room which is airconditioned to cool down. i will leave you with another one of louis' self portraits. he really does come up with some incredible shots.

here's hoping a cool change comes soon and it brings rain with it. i would really love a big storm with lots and lots of rain and a drop in temperature of about 20C.



emma said...

lovely quilts, I guess it must feel pretty funny making a quilt in the middle of a heatwave! We've been fluctuating between hot days and cool nights here, so I need to get cracking on a quilt for a certain little person too.

freefalling said...

Errrr - the heat, the heat....
I think I'm starting to get used to it now (it's only taken 20 years!) - I think the trick is not to fight it or WISH you could fight it.
May I suggest a bucket of cold water for putting your feet in?
I find it incredibly refreshing and it's fun paddling around in a bucket.

I don't think I would ever have enough stamina to make a quilt. I'd start off strong but I think I'd fade very quickly.

Bird Bath said...

nice work on the quilt, looks lovely against the white wicker. This heat is absolutely stifling...I'm so over it.

Abby said...

ohhh wow it is so awesome that you are passing your new knowledge onto emily ...... everything looks amazing.
luv Abby

Jenny said...

Lovely new quilts-both of you. I am always a little nervous when cutting as I don't want to stuff it up!I love the fabric you have chosen.
I am SO OVER this heat too!!!We have our old beach shelter over our veges as a few thigs have got burned to a crisp!!At least we have a long weekend. Off foe a quick swim and then I am going to stay inside all day!!!keep cool!

Blossom said...

well done on your looks GREAT!!
The heat must be awful for you..I have been ewatching the temps on the news.....sending you cool and chilly thoughts!!

Lisa said...

Great job, love how your first quilt is coming together. Cutting does get so much easier with much practice. It's a great idea to pass on your new knowledge to Emily immediately because it will reinforce it all for you at the same time. Must be fun learning together. I can imagine sewing would not be much fun in a heatwave but what else can you do.

Gina said...

I've been thinking of you in this heat Levin, it's like Summer here today too, very stuffy! We had a huge tiger snake outside back door yesterday, M disposed of it - luckily kids, dog & I were at dog training!
Your quilt looks amazing, absolutely love the fabrics/colours together and Emily's is looking so beautiful too, soft and pretty ~ both classic and will never date!
Fingers crossed for a cool wet change for you! Take care, Ginax

Cosy said...

I am completely over the hot weather too! It's just far too much. I haven't heard if there's a change coming. Oh please, let there be a change!

Your quilt is lovely. Is it flannel? I have a flannel quilt on my bed (except in this heat!) that we call the woogey; very cosy to snuggle up to.

Leanne said...

I'm right with you there - 3 days of cooling rain would be great I have been inside for days. The quilt looks lovely and so does Emily's. When Louis is famous that self portrait will be worth a lot of money LOL. Stay cool.

de vliegende koe said...

You’re doing great with the sewing of the quilt-pieces. I think I will never get over the fear of cutting into fabrics... I make mistakes all the time, inches, centimeters, arggg... That’s why I always buy some more so I don’t run out of fabric!
A heatwave, please send some to our part of the world, I will send some rain!!

Jodie said...

So sick of the heat and then I look at all those beautiful snow covered blogs and they are all sick of their weather as well.

Kris said...

I am sick of the heat too. I heard tomorrow brings a cool change and a temperature of 34. How is that cool? Being inside and fairly still is the only way to escape! Love your quilt! Nice work. I made my first quilt 13 years ago and was very scared when cutting fabric. I noticed last year that I wasn't apprehensive about cutting fabric for a quilt. I felt confident, but it took a while!

corry said...

You both did a great job on your quilts! And such a beautiful fabric too. Isn't quilting fun! I don't have no fear for cutting fabric anymore I just change my projects measurements (lol)! I hope you get some rain soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic, so glad you have started. Yes you will get over the cutting worry :)Feel for you with the temps you have been getting, we have been soooooooooooo incredibly lucky here this summer.

Sarahs Home said...

I LOVE it..... So clever, I would love to go to a quilting class. My Mum retires at the end of this week so I am going to have her teach me as I cant get to a class due to work.
Sarah x

Jelly Wares said...

I've been hearing about your horrible heatwave over in my neck of the woods... They say that it's the hottest it's been in the most number of consequtive days since 1930 (if that makes sense... LOL)
I'm really feeling for you, I HATE THE HEAT!!!! Don't get me wrong I love summer and lovely warm days but I've gotta have my cool nights or at least a cool change every now and then otherwise I go crazy... I'll cross my fingers that a cool change comes your way soon. BTW... The quilt looks great!!


monique said...

What a lovely quilts!
If you don't mind you can send some warmth here to the netherlands as it's grey and windy here Ü.
I see that I have a lot of catching up to do on the blogs. Since recently I'm working full time instead of 15 hours a week plus we have our house on sale so I have to keep it very tidy and clean all the time. I hope to get used to all of this so I can get back to my hobbies also.
have a lovely weekend.

take care,

Barbara said...

Gorgeous quilt. I hate cutting into fabric too. I'm so terrified of cutting too small. I love it when all the little bits are sewn together again. It's like magic!

I wish I could remember what the warmth of the sun was like. It's been pouring rain and windy and cold all day - and for ages it seems. I'm so ready for Spring.

Poppy & Mei said...

beautiful fabric choices! Xxx

this is my patch said...

Just popped over to say thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. We came to your neck of the woods, late January this year, and yes it was hot. We frazzled on Glenelg beach! I have relatives who live in Adelaide so we were visiting them and we stayed in a hotel in town. We could have done with longer to have a good look around the city, maybe another time? x