Friday, February 1, 2008

10 years and four days later

Today (2nd February) is Louis' Birthday.
Today is another one of my special days!

Feb 04

June 04

July 04

We weren't expecting Louis in our lives - but he was a very lovely surprise!

March 05

November 06

Birthday 07

October 07

Birthday 08

When I found out I was pregnant with Louis, I have to say I was a little freaked. I wasn't sure if I could cope with another labour (Julian's birth was very fast and a little painful).
But, I read lots of literature, talked to my friend who is a midwife and decided to prepare myself for a water birth. Louis' birth was slower and more gentle - it was actually a wonderful experience. He was a big baby - 10lbs (4.5kg) but he was my easiest birth.
I figured (yes, I was deluded) that since he came out in such a calm manner that he would be by nature, a calm boy. Absolutely and Definately not.
He is loud, determined, defiant (in the nicest possible way) and prone to extremes. He's either very cross or very happy. When he hugs you he almost squeezes the life out of you. He likes guns and cars and nail polish and dressing up as a fairy. He's my little whirlwind and my lovely little boy. Happy Birthday Louis.

On a different note, this week has been very busy for me and I haven't been doing much crafting, but hopefully now that I have the two birthdays out of the way, I can concentrate on making some things again. And hopefully I can post about them too. I've missed crafting!



Gina said...

Wow, another birthday already!
I hope it's a brilliant one Louis!
Looking forward to seeing your crafty creations Levin!
p.s. 'little whirlwind' is so gorgeous :O)

luv Abby said...

Happy Birthday Louis..... have a great day....
luv Abby

Leanne said...

Lovely birthday posts it must be a hectic time in your house. I'm sure when Louis reads it in about 10 years time he will have a loving warm smile on his face.

Jenny said...

Lovely family photos-happy birthday to your son. It is my dad's birthday today too!

freefalling said...

That second photo is bewd-i-ful!
Was there cake?
What kind?

Sarahs Home said...

Oh he is such a sweetie... Happy Birthday hugs and kisses from the UK. The swap is coming along so wil post it probably next week.

Sarah x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Happy Birthday Louis!

Lucy x

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday Louis! So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

Becky-Dee said...

Hope louis had a fantastic birthday! cant wait to see your latest projects......

Poppy & Mei said...

Such a lovely post.
Happy Birthday Louis! Xxx

corry said...

Happy Birthday Louis! I love the new banner for your blog Levin!....lovely Dutch houses ( they are Dutch, aren't they?)

Heleen said...

Happy birthday! hope you had a great time. I also love your banner!

de vliegende koe said...

Happy birthday to Louis! I love your very Dutch header with the canalhouses.

Blossom said...

Happy Birthday!!!

they grow way to fast don't they?

emma said...

happy birthday louis. 10lbs? oh my!

Mirre said...

Happy belated birthday to BOTH of your beautiful children!!

monique said...

What a gorgious photo's.
Happy belated birthday!

karenjane said...

hey, a late happy birthday to louis and emily, hope they had great days:) our computers broken at the moment but hopefuly soon ill get on more, theres a bit about my trip to annekes now, it was lots of fun:)

Valerie said...

Precious! Happy Birthday! I just posted on my blog and I tagged you. Check it out!

Sarah and Jack said...

What a cutie! (And what a big newborn!)