Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's hot. Very, very hot. I can't remember it ever being cool it's been hot for so long. We've been lucky enough to get to the beach the last three days but today we decided not to go as we thought they may be a few new years revellers still out as last night was a very hot night. When we got home late last night, or was it this morning? it was still 35C (95F).

This was the beach yesterday though.

Louis found it a little bright, but the water was cool and so inviting.
You know before I went to the beach I was hot, sweaty and just a little bit cranky, but as soon as I hit the water, I became much calmer, even happy! It's a miracle really.

Today we have to take it easy, everyone is tired and hot and we need to find cool things to do. I found some Christmas craft things that didn't get done before Christmas (too busy) so we are doing it now.
So far it has kept them amused for about 45 minutes and they are not finished yet.

Louis' glitter glue will take about three days to dry - even in this heat - there's so much of it! Julian seems to have gone for the minimalist look - but they do look good.

They put them out to dry, and then we wedged them together and put them up in the lounge room and Julian walked out of the lounge saying "I'm bored, what can I do......." ARRRRGH



de vliegende koe said...

Happy New Year to all of you! I could use some warmth right now, but temperatures above 40oC are too much for me! The stars look wonderful!

Gina said...

Oh and I thought it was hot here yesterday at 34 deg ~ well yes it was stinking hot!! We went to beach too, which was absolutely packed! Then M slipped on some rocks between snorkel sessions with kids and broke his big toe!
Wishing you and your lovely family a wonderful new year! Love the Christmas stars boys! Gx

Madeleine said...

I honestly believe that we will never again experience anything less than 30 degrees ever again - how can it possibly cool down??

luv Abby said...

Ohhhh my the beach looks awesome. Godd luck with the holiday entertaining.
luv Abby

Hollabee said...

seems that the weather has gone crazy everywhere...Melbourne had its hottest day for 2007 on the 31st. Just unbearable...thankfully the beach is a great option :)

I wish you a happy & crafty new year, all the best for 2008!

corry said...

Happy New Year! 35C at night... That's really hot! This morning my car was covered in ice..I sure could use a little warmth to prevent ice forming on my car windows! I love the sparkling stars!

Leanne said...

Lucas guessed that is Henley is he right. The stars look great this heat is really hard on the kids being stuck inside all day good luck with the crafting.

karenjane said...

im so glad you guys have been getting down the beach to get a well deserved cool off! Last night me and my friends went for a night walk on the beach and we wore trakkies, jumpers, skarfs and beanies, yahoo!!! one of my favourite things is having the chance to rug up amongst hot days and the reverse, so very novel every time:) i have deep sympathy for you about jullians "im bored" straight after a fun, well planned activity, only how many weeks left of school holidays? (do you know what date school goes back? i need something to put in my diary and look forward to lol)

Kristy said...

Hi there, I noticed that you left a comment on Mandas blog about a baby shower.I just want you to know that I have been organising a suprise bloggy baby shower for months and have gifts coming from all over the world!If you want to join in then please let me know.I hope to meet with Manda the last week in jan. xxx

Jenny said...

Thank goodness it is a bit cooler today but it is heating up again I hear. Great stars by your little stars!!Happy New Year to you too!